How To Save A Marriage When You Have Nothing In Common: We Have Nothing In Common But I Love Him

Personality compatibility in marriage is all about a couple's ability to stand in the marriage and be true to their vows in spite of years of being together. "Opposites attract", and this is one statement that lingers in the minds of a lot of people. While this statement is seemingly ironic to some, in reality, it really does happen.

People have different personality and these differences make them sync in a way. Let us try to find out and understand key areas in a person's personality that will help couples know if they're compatible or not.

1. Is he an extrovert and she an introvert? These definitely are opposites. While the husband is so focus in the outside world and gets pleasure when dealing with others and the resources and people around him, wife lingers in her own world all focus in her ideologies and viewpoints in life. You can clearly state that personality compatibility in marriage no linger fits this type of couple. However, ironic as it may seem, these are mostly the ones who click. It may be hard to shift from being introvert to extrovert and the other way around but you can do so by the power of love. You can't change a person completely in one sitting that's for sure, but you can enjoy both worlds if you know how to find the middle ground.

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2. Is she more of the emotional type and he the thinking family man? It is often associated that wives are the ones who are more emotional when it comes to dealing with just about anything. On the other hand, husbands are the ones who are basing their entire decision making on fact filled information. The disparities and differences are there, the wife more of being a feeler and the husband the thinker. There are times where it goes the other way around however, the nature of women as delicate beings make them fit perfectly in the former. This area of personality compatibility in marriage as the thinking / feeling aspect can still be of great help for couples. There are times when feeling seemed to be of great magnitude than thinking. Therefore, all are still dependent on a case to case basis.

3. Does she follow her intuition more and he his senses? Another thing to look at in personality compatibility in marriage is the kind of attitude of one being the sensing type and the other basing everything in intuitions and instincts. Women's intuition is known to be dominant especially when it comes to discerning if husbands are cheating on them. This works for females most of the time, yet not at all cases. Conversely, husbands tend to move away with inklings and hunches as they focus more on being a man of great sensors. Men tend to go for a much detailed and concrete way of dealing with concerns and issues. They value facts more than hearsays and feelings and that what makes them suit well in being individuals who have great sensors. Nevertheless, these opposing personalities can still be of good partners if they know how to tame and use their presentiments and straightforwardness in the right perspective.

In brief, personality compatibility in marriage can only be tested once you're able to take the test and see in your everyday life with your partner how you can overcome differences and be able to work as partners for life for the sake of that one great love for each other.

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No matter how happy your marriage might seem to be, you will always have communication problems. So rather than be unprepared, here are 5 ways you can conquer communication problems in a marriage.

Know Your Spouse

Men and women approach relationships differently. A spouse might see the other as childish, annoying or overreacting. But the truth is that you just need to understand how both of you look at love issues. Communication problems is not about who is right or wrong. Build an understanding from how your spouse approaches love and marriage.

Be a Good Listener

What worsens communication problems even further is when spouses consider themselves to be mind readers. When you interrupt before your spouse says something it can be very frustrating. Even if you have an idea of what is going to be said, hear your partner out. You will not salvage the problems in your marriage if you don't.

Don't Blame

When one person has a problem, take it to be it is the relationship that has a problem and both of you should work it out. Never blame your partner for making you act wrongly or react badly. That is no excuse. When you say things like 'You make me sick' or ' You always bring the devil out of me', you are definitely taking it too far.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

When trying to communicate better in marriage, never bring up anything not related to improving your relationship. When you do this, you shift attention from what is important and worsen your marital situation in the process. Identify the problems and find solutions. Do not beat around the bush. Be focused and never petty.

Use Love Language

Your spouse is your partner in a relationship. Your spouse is a friend and a lover. A marriage is not a workplace so you are not a boss. Even when you have good points to make, it is important that you make them without criticism or condemnation.

Learn how express yourself in love. Encourage your partner to be a better person. Let them know your thoughts when they do something you really like. Do not degrade them for anything. You affect the love and respect they have for you when you do this.

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There, that doesn't sound too hard, does it? These techniques may be simple, but the really do work to solve communication problems in relationships. Give them a try and rekindle your marriage.

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At some point in time, even the best couples go through tough times. When couples start to encounter trouble, they need marriage help before the problem becomes bigger. A loss of respect and love can lead to serious trouble.

The Christian church is still facing the divorce epidemic, despite sermons, enrichment programs, counselors and books. Some believe that it is because women no longer submit to their husbands the way they should or that they no longer respect their husbands. Traditionally, a man was to take on the servant leadership position over his wife. Despite all of this, relationships still fail despite seeing someone when they are in need of assistance.

Some feel that the advice that is available for couples is not right. They feel that the strategies taught by counselors are not helpful, despite the fact that they mean well. It is felt that they work from faulty assumptions that do not apply to to each and every relationship.

However, some excellent programs do exist that offer great results. These tools can be used by individuals and couples alike and even by people in cross-cultural relationships. Sometimes one will be able to attend small group classes that can enhance the relationship of the partners.

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Those that are in fulfilling relationships are able to aid those that are not in the same place in their relationship and at the same time deepen and enrich their own relationship. There are certain keys to a successful relationships, including making God a part of the unit. This will create a stronger bond as the Third Vine strengthens the unit.

Many experts agree with the Psalmist who said that unless God has built the house, the workers labor in vain. This does not relate to the actual physical home, but to the spiritual home where the heart is.

Every relationship sees unmet expectations and disappointments at some point. In order to have a successful union, one has to learn how one can deal with the faults of their spouse and how to deal with disappointment in a gracious fashion. People are different and deal with things differently.

Dealing with insecurity and jealousy is a difficult thing, but it can be overcome. Partners should not allow communication differences to overshadow the good things in a relationship, but rather celebrate their differences. They should rather recognize when they need marriage help. Biblical guidelines are set out to assist couples in communicating better. With better communication, spouses can become the best of friends.

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Earlier in our marriage, my husband and I had an exciting, romantic relationship. But after the first few years, I started thinking about how to make my husband want me again, just like he did during our honeymoon. I am thankful to say that even though we've been married for more than a decade now, we have reached the point where we are so comfortable with each other that we can finish one another's sentences.

Did we have a secret? Not exactly. There have been a whole lot of ups and downs along the way. But what we have done is recognize some of the ingredients that have built our marriage into an "art form", ingredients that turned our marriage into a spicy, delicious dish! And to definitely make your husband want you again.

Can you learn these spicy ingredients to keep your marriage going, and make sure your husband wants you again? Absolutely. Here are some of the best ones:

1. You need to prioritize each other

The most important comes first. Even above relationships with your own kids, parents, siblings, work colleagues, and best friends, a successful couple has to prioritize their own marriage.

Why is this? Because in the long run, it will just be the two of you going through life together, and you made the ultimate promise to do so. Sadly, many people fail to realize (or somehow do we forget?) that your husband is supposed to be your #1 priority! Maybe it's just too easy nowadays for your marriage to be muddled up between squabbling kids, family politics and sometimes even problems at work. This is no good.

Your husband has to know that he can trust you (and vice versa) to do what's best for your marriage. That he's your best friend and will never let you down. You should have team spirit, and face the obligations you have towards others as a team.

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2. Dating is more important than ever--Dating each other!

The everyday necessities of life--you know, kids, laundry, and all that stuff--can take away time for each other. This needs to stop! Well, at least to a degree. Even a little planning can go a long way towards making sure you and your husband have time for each other on a weekly basis.

It would even be a great benefit to turn some of this planning into surprise dates. They can be simple things--it's most important just to make sure it pleases you and your husband. Of course, you can be just as creative in bedroom as you are with your dates, and even combine the two!

3. Try to fight fair, and always try to laugh

Fighting and laughing may seem like the opposite, but they aren't! This comes down to attitude. What's your current perspective on fighting and arguing with your husband? Is it at all possible to see humor in it? Somehow if you can put those together, you'll see that you don't need to take fighting seriously (well, at least not all the time).

You can learn how to fight constructively, and improve your ways of communicating. Especially with the little fights, you can learn to laugh. Combining these two will become an essential part of your marriage.

4. Agree to disagree!

Sometimes, it's just doesn't work to share and agree on a lot of things with your husband. But there are always moments where discussion and banter can spice up your marriage. And you can even agree to disagree as a conclusion to some of your arguments! At the very least, you always learn more about what your husband is thinking and feeling the more that you talk with him. And when you agree to disagree, you may be surprised where the conversation leads to next. Your husband may want to learn even more about all the little differences between the two of you, and that can be a form of attraction in itself.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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