Each one of us is affected by the ongoing rate of inflation. In such a scenario doing every bit to control household expenses is imperative. People are forced budget finances and managing expenses by cutting down on things like eating out, electricity usage, water usage, etc. While eating out can be avoided by incorporating a healthier lifestyle of cooking at home, you might need a few tips to get started on saving electricity and water. Saving fresh water or electricity is not just about saving money. The reality of global warming is upon us, and it is high time we get involved in the battle to save our earth as we know it. Cutting down on usage of electricity and water can be your contribution towards this moral cause.

Water is something we all need for daily living and most of us do not consciously waste fresh water, but how do you take it a step further? Well, start by timing your showers. Most of us take necessarily lengthy showers that can be easily shortened. Many of us even have the habit of keeping the water running while brushing our teeth. This is an utter waste. Close the tap unless you need to rinse. We also waste a lot of water in the kitchen, while cooking. Try to minimize the wastage by reusing the water used to wash the vegetables for other chores like watering the plants. Today having sprinklers to water the garden is a common sight. If you only switch to drip irrigation or reduce the time for watering, you can end up saving a lot. Such small things can make a big difference in the long run. Not to mention, such habits can be passed on to our kids to help them realize the importance of doing as much as possible to support a worthy cause.

A large percentage of your annual energy consumption goes into keeping your house cool. It also accounts for more than 5% of your carbon footprint. Reduction in electrical usage can be the best way to minimize this number. Here are some tips.

If your home is centrally air conditioned, install a few ceiling fans around the house. This will help getting the cool air around a larger circumference. Fans can bring down the temperature of a room and make it up to 5 degrees cooler. Plus, dress for the weather outside, rather than in the house. Many of us wear thicker clothes and want the air conditioning and fans turned on. It is also recommended to take cold water showers during the summer. This not only saves water and electricity that would be used by the water heater, but also benefits the skin in many ways, making it a win-win situation. A habit that can benefit you in saving on electricity bills is to make sure all electrical appliances as well as lights and fans are turns off when not required. Also, when you enter a room, switch on lights or cooling units as per needed. For instance, if you want to relax in the afternoon with a book, you can sit next to the window rather than closing the curtains and putting on the lights to read.

These days, people have even started shopping smart to aid saving on electricity. The demand for appliances that are energy efficient has gone up in the recent past. This demand has also created a wave of new energy efficient products in the market. Some of the most popular among this genre are 5 star refrigerators, 5 star ac, 5 star microwave ovens, space heaters, led lighting, CFL lighting, dishwashers, washing machines, and many more.

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