If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase "social couponing" then you are likely spending more money than necessary on everything from dining out and salon services to amusement parks and household supplies.
Coupon usage tends to go up in popularity during slow economic downturns. However, the newest trend has truly elevated coupons to the next level. Deal-a-day coupon sites, targeted by city, allow consumers to register for free and receive an email daily featuring a huge discount on one or more local retailers or service providers.
Wondering how much you can save using social coupon sites? {Imagine paying only half the usual price for things to do, see and eat in your local town. Deals may be structured as a dollar-off amount (for example pay $25 and get $50 worth of food or merchandise), or a package deal offered at a deep discount (two-night stay with breakfast at an upscale resort for just $150).
Social coupon sites are useful for more than just luxury spends. Many social coupon sites feature discounts on dental work, chiropractic services and other alternative healing modalities, and even home services such as landscaping or painting.
One of the coolest features of these daily deal sites is the usage terms, which may allow you to buy today, yet take up to one year to use your voucher.
Most of these coupon sites permit users to refer friends and family, and earn money or added discounts in exchange.
As more and more coupon sites come online, aggregators become increasingly popular. Instead of subscribing to each coupon site and potentially getting inundated with offers, you can visit an aggregator site, which compiles deals from several social coupon sites and organized a list by city each day. In this way, you can subscribe to just one site in order to view all the deals for a city on that day.
We can expect this social coupon trend to continue for the foreseeable future, most likely with an increase in customization for users. Here's an example. Instead of subscribing to a daily deal site for Atlanta, you would be able to choose suburbs or surrounding towns, such as Decatur, Athens, or Lawrenceville. Likewise, some social coupon sites are asking you for information about what kind of deals you’d like to see – that way, you only receive emails for deals that fit your personal interests, which cuts down on unnecessary emails in your in-box.
As the number of social coupon sites increases, we can expect to see an increase in the amount of niche-based platforms. For example, social coupon sites for [children’s interests|sporting goods], for [personal development|spirituality], for [entrepreneurs|business owners|infopreneurs], etc. In the meantime, enjoy the savings.

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Amy Scott Grant is co-owner of SpiritSavings.com a social coupon site created by Blue Navigators Marketing Group, LLC, a company that has been serving seekers and spiritually-minded individuals across the globe for nearly a decade. SpiritSavings.com is the very first social coupon daily deal site to focus specifically on the spirituality market. We search the globe to find the best spiritual providers, products and resources, and we negotiate outrageously good one-time-only deals from a variety of non-denominational practitioners. Join for free today at http://SpiritSavings.com and begin saving immediately!