If you need regular pain relief; whether you only need  it on an adhoc basis for migraines, period pain or joint pain, or you need regular items like inhalers to relieve chest pain and wheeziness it can be an expensive business to keep buying medication.

You can save money though when buying regular medication such as Salamol;which is a type of inhaler. You can buy Salamol online and save money.

So how do you save and what are the benefits?

Ask yourself do you need it first?

Sometimes if you suffer with pain such as muscle aches or arthritic pain, you can try alternative forms of treatment such as a heat pad or cold pad. This can mean that the affected area is treated directly and you may not need as much pain relief, or any at all.

You can also try complementary therapies, or herbal remedies, although if you are in a lot pain sometimes only medication will ease it.

Buy pain relief online

Another way to save money on pain relief is to buy it online once you have a prescription. You can save money this way, as well as set up a quick and efficient way to get your medication.

With the creation of the electronic prescription service, you can now arrange for your doctor to send your prescription to some online pharmacies directly, making it even speedier.

Buy unbranded pain relief

Many people don’t realise that they can get the exact same medication they need more cheaplyby buying a generic version of a branded medication.

Cold and flu and pain relief medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol are very common medications where you’ll pay a lot more for the branded medication than you will the basic generic version.

Look at different brands of medication

Sometimes you’ll find that for a generic medication, there is more than one brand on offer and it’s always wise to compare the prices. For example Ventolin and Salamol are both brands of Salbutamol inhaler but the cost of each is different. You can buy Salamol online too to save further money.

Pre-Pay for Prescriptions

If you need more than 12 prescriptions a year you could get a pre paid prescription.

Essentially this is like a quarterly or annual subscription that you pay for upfront, and you can then get as many prescriptions as you need during that period. A quarterly pre paid prescription is currently £29.10, and an annual one £104.00

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