With the whalebone-white snow, quivering bodies, and longer nights, winter months tend to be among the most costly when it comes to heating and energy bills.

The primary reason why the cost of natural gas goes up in the winter is that people are using more energy. After all, they want to be warm and cosy.

But not all hope is lost when it comes to energy bills in the winters. There are several things you can do to save on your heating and energy bills while staying warm and cosy throughout the winter.

Following are the best tips for how to save on your heating bill this winter:

Open And Close Blinds At Appropriate Times

You are paying good money to warm your home - so it is essential to make sure you are doing everything you can to preserve that warmth in, and the brisk air out.

In short,

    Open your blinds during sunny winter days.
    Close your blinds on frigid and cloudy days.
    Leave your blinds closed overnight.

Blinds can be energy-saving when opened at the appropriate times. Natural sunlight can significantly raise the temperature in a room during the daytime. By keeping your blinds open on sunny days, you allow that natural sunshine into your place to warm up the air, thus maintaining temperature.

Whereas at night time, closed blinds can help reduce heat loss and protect the room from the cold outside. Closed blinds help increase the insulation of the windows while maintaining cosy room temperature.

Insulate Your Home

Poor insulation can greatly affect your energy bills since more energy is required to warm up an under-insulated house. It is best to invest in proper insulation to save money during winters considerably. Homes can attain high-performing insulation through carpets and underlays that are designed to preserve the heat inside the building.

A high-quality carpet (along with underlay) can provide sufficient natural insulation, due to their low thermal conductivity. Homeowners can experience significant energy-saving benefits of carpeted floors right from the beginning

Therefore, direct floor contact inhibits the foot warmth from flowing off, and the floor causes a pleasingly warm feeling. Moreover, check for draughty doors and windows to help seal that warm air inside.

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Reverse Your Ceiling FansTo Clockwise Direction

Since ceiling fans can pivot both clockwise and anticlockwise, it is advised to reverse your ceiling fan in the clockwise direction during the winter season.

The anticlockwise direction is ideal for summers since it pushes the cold air down to the floor— helping room occupants to stay cool without affecting the room temperature.

In winters, your ceiling fan should pivot clockwise at a low speed to push the warm air down. By using clockwise ceiling fans, you can enjoy a cosy room temperature at low energy costs.

In short,

Redistribution of warm air makes a room feel warm and more comfortable to you and your family.
Save up to 15% on heating bills.
Decrease the cost of heating fuel.

Using ceiling fans during the winter can also save as much as 15% on heating costs as it minimises the use of heating devices.

Keep Your HVAC System Clean By Changing Air Filters

Dirt buildup and inadequate maintenance are the most common reasons for an HVAC failure. Changing the air filter of your HVAC system frequently ensures cleaner, healthier, and fresher air. It is indispensable to have cleaner air filters if you happen to have children or older adults who suffer from allergies or breathing problems like asthma.

Secondly, changing or cleaning out a clogged air filter will also save you a significant amount of operating costs. A dirty air filter uses much more power than a new or clean air filter, which means a much higher bill for you. By preserving your air filter in good condition, you can save up to 15% on utility expenses.

Set a reminder to clean or change out your air filters regularly so that your heating system works as efficiently as possible.

Switch To A Smart Thermostat

Installation of a smart thermostat can be another great way to make your home more energy-efficient. Switching from a conventional analogue thermostat to a programmable digital thermostat can save you up to 10%-12% on heating bills

With a smart thermostat, you can schedule your HVAC to run less while you are out, so you will use less energy by warming your home only while you are in it.

Digital thermostats decrease the use of heating and cooling systems when nobody is home for a significant amount of time.

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