What’s the one thing that stop people from travelling? Money! But travelling can actually be affordable if you save, budget and make careful decisions about what you’re spending your money on during your travels. As one of the best travel agency in Qatar, we at GoMosafer have found a few tricks and tips that help our customers save a lot when travelling!

Take advantage of freebies

Everyone loves a freebie so take advantage of all the free (or discounted) activities you can visit when you’re in a new city! From free museums, free beaches, free parks, free epic views, free walking tours. the list is really endless.

Use public transport

If you aren’t travelling with a travel agency, you will have to arrange your own transport. In such cases, do what the locals do, and jump on a bus, metro, tram or ferry which will save you forking out hefty cash for Ubers or taxis. Or even better walk, it’s free and you’ll be able to get some exercise in as well.

Buy carry on tickets

Save some cash and book only carry on tickets. You won’t have to pay extra money to put your luggage in the hold and it will also be lighter and easier to carry around on your adventures. But if you like travelling with some of your own stuff, book cheap flights online on Gomosafer.com, to get really good deals on your flights.

Eat at local food markets

Buy your meals from the supermarket or local markets instead of eating out at restaurants. Shopping at local markets means you get to taste the local cuisine without the massive price tag!

Take overnight trains or buses

They’ll get you from a to b and you’ll also save on a night’s accommodation. Now that’s some epic savings! But if you like to sleep on a comfy bed in a warm hotel during your vacation, you could travel with a travel agency and get the best of the both worlds since the travel agencies do have the local travel and transfers costs covered.

Travel with mates

If you travel with mates, you’ll always have someone to split the cost of food, accommodation and experiences with. Even better you’ll be able to make amazing memories which you can reminisce about for years to come.
Another viable option is to travel one of the best travel agency in Qatar, split the cost with more people and make some new friends on the road.

Track your spending

Make a budget before you leave and track how much you spend each day. That way you’ll always know how much money you have left and you’ll always know if you have enough money to spend on your travels.

Limit the number of souvenirs you bring home

Make memories, take dozens of photographs and limit the number of souvenirs you buy. It will reduce the amount of excess baggage you will have to carry back and if you are one of those shoppers, who must carry a souvenir back, try to opt for smaller items such as postcards, keychains and fridge magnets.

Go off season.

You can usually find cheap flight tickets and budget hotel rooms on GoMosafer.com by going off season. You won’t have to deal with large crowds of tourists and popular tourist attractions could also be cheaper at that time. Just make sure places are open before hand to avoid disappointments.
By saving some cash whilst you are travelling, you’ll be able to continue going on epic travel adventures that you’ll remember forever. Ready to go on your next adventure? Just log onto Gomosafer.com, the best travel agency in Qatar to see all of our tours and epic discounts.

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