How To Save My Bipolar Marriage: Dealing With A Bipolar Spouse - Living With A Bipolar Husband

Learning how to save a bipolar marriage is the same as learning to save a marriage with any other problem. I know this, because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year. While your marriage will have its ups and downs, it will also become stronger.

What is bipolar disorder? In a nutshell, depending on the level of the illness, it is depression that lasts for a very long time, no matter what antidepressants are given. A person with bipolar disorder can be happy one minute, and, for no apparent reason, will get very angry or sad the next minute.

Because your spouse doesn't understand what you're going through, it is very hard for them to deal with these ups and downs.

If you are the person with the disorder, keep in mind that your spouse really can't understand what you are going through. Because of that, it is very hard for them to do anything to help you. This puts additional stress on the marriage, because your spouse loves you, and wants to help you, but just doesn't know how.

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If your spouse is the one affected, understand that they are not acting this way on purpose. I know it's hard to understand, but being patient with them is the best way to deal with this. Make sure they get the help that they need. The one thing they need more than anything right now is for you to love them.

After we found out that I had it, my husband denied it. He told me to see another doctor - there was nothing wrong with me. After a month or so of being on medication, our life has gotten back to 'normal', so to speak.

There is no more screaming, crying, or any other destruction to my marriage.

It was only AFTER we found out that I had bipolar disorder that we were able to work on fixing our marriage. The first step is for both of you to realize that there is a mental illness. This is something that CAN be remedied, with proper medication.

Talk to each other. Talk about how you feel with your spouse, and get your spouse to tell you how they feel. Expressing your feelings will help to ease some of the worries and tension that this illness brings into any relationship, especially marriage.

Counseling can also help with the person with bipolar disorder. When you want to know how to save a bipolar marriage, the therapist can give you some ideas.

The best way to deal with this is to do it TOGETHER. It is an illness. It is just like any other illness - physical or mental. When you both understand what is happening, your love for each other will get you through it.

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A marriage crisis does not happen overnight, rather the problems build slowly over time. Many times, the one spouse thinks everything is going fine in the relationship until the other spouse announces that he or she wants a divorce. Other times, both of you know there are problems, but one of you may have no desire to resolve anything. But is there hope to save a marriage when only one of you is interested in reconciliation? Yes, in most cases, just about any marriage can be saved.

No matter how terrible your situation may seem, always remain positive, do not panic, and stay calm. Your emotional well being is essential for your own health, but also for your marriage as well. As difficult as it may be, try to avoid negativity in your thoughts, actions and speech.

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Evaluate where you think the problems may lie and discuss what areas need to be worked on. Many times, marriages end due to simple neglect. We let our lives with work, children, family, household chores, and everything else get in the way of our relationship only to see everything crumble. If this is the case, start doing whatever is necessary to spend time together without interruptions. You may only be able to "find" a few minutes, but those moments will start you on the path of renewal.

If you discover the problems lie in other areas, still try to follow the same process and talk about possible solutions. Keep the conversation calm and really listen to each other. Shouting, screaming, and slamming doors will not lead to a resolution. Be open and honest about what is needed in the relationship.

If you feel that your situation is too far gone or your problems are much more serious to benefit from the above suggestions, please realize that there is still hope to save a marriage.

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Years ago, my marriage was in trouble. The constant bickering took things to a new low every day. We knew we had to confront this, but were helpless. Losing control was the worst thing we did, since that way, we lost all inhibition and regard for anyone's feelings. Even though it takes too hands to clap, I knew I had to something to save my marriage before it was too late. I told myself if I do not save my marriage today, things would get a lot worse.

Over the course of the years and through my relationships, I learned a few very important things such as I could not change people, not even anyone close like my wife. This enabled me to free my mind a great deal. Whenever we are not getting along with anybody, we always point fingers on others and say they are the ones who are not acting normally and should change their behavior. All of a sudden, we become biased and find flaws in others. However this is the wrong approach. Finding faults in other people is something that should be avoided at all costs since it only clouds our vision and makes us forget about our own fallacies.

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Hence I knew I had to forget about my wife's faults and start doing something about our relationship. Once I realized that it was not my wife who was to be blamed for my problems, I could focus on fixing my marriage. I took various steps that eventually worked and I would like to detail one of those steps below.

When the relationship between two people has deteriorated, they start looking through a lens that is highly clouded and they will only see the bad in each other. In other words, their hearts have hardened and they only see the worst in people. Therefore if we can cure the hardened hearts, we have conquered a great deal.

I knew I had to do something to cure my wife's heart for me so that she could forget about the faults in me and love me the same way she used to when we first met. I found that the way was in making her realize that I still cared for her and wanted to be with her the rest of my life. I knew I had to do this since words sometimes do not work so I wanted to do something very special for her. They say that a diamond is a girl's best that is what I got her. It worked like a charm and now our marriage works well.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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You are probably aware of how often marriages fail in today's world. However, did you know that in some places it can be as high as 87%? With such statistics it is quite de-motivating if you are in a struggling marriage. Marriage takes a lot of self sacrifice and commitment, and these days people don't seem to be as selfless as they used to be as more and more just give up on their marriage. If you are reading this I'd like to applaud you for not going with the easy way out.

I'll let you know straight up that it is not easy saving a marriage. Many people would suggest going to marriage counseling; but this only works if both parties are willing to keep the marriage going. If your spouse wants to divorce, it is almost as if you are the only one attempting to save the marriage and that can be quite risky.

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From personal experience I can tell you that attempting to do all that is necessary to save your marriage can be quite harmful and even destructive. I know that seeing your marriage fall to pieces can be pretty disheartening and fills you up with desperation to save your relationship. Take note that being desperate only works against you. The begging and pleading only makes things worse. What should you do then?

Come to terms that you can't make any progress by yourself as doing so would most likely do more harm than good. I saved my marriage after I realized what mistakes I made and sought unbiased, expert advice from someone that can be trusted.

Always remember to seek professionals that can help, as this is the finest way to save your marriage as it did mine!

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