I have a question: Does a day ever go by without you taking any picture? It does not matter if you take a selfie, a food photo, a picture of your pet, or just because you found the sunrise or sunset beautiful - I want you to think carefully before you answer my question. Chances are, the day won’t pass by without you taking pictures.

People of today always feel the need to capture the moment. Everything happens fast and moments are fleeting so we always want to document each memory and make them last forever even if it is just in pictures.

Before, to be able to share the photos we take, we need to get together with family and friends so they can see the photos of a certain occasion or trip. Such is not the case anymore; with just a few taps on our phone, we can now share our snapshots with our friends on social media and even the world. With the rise of social media and online galleries, our photos can be immortalized through the internet. But, I am certain that there are still a lot of people who want photo albums they can hold. This way, even if their hard drive or laptops “meet their maker”, their pictures are safe from technological death.

Photo books have become increasingly popular today. Gone are the days where pictures are stuck onto a photo album or just placed inside a box. Photo books are another innovation when it comes to photo business and has proven to be a lucrative one at that.

Most of you might think there’s a limited volume of people who still want to have printed photos, but that’s where you are wrong. Just like in any business, the first step to saving precious memories and earning money is to know your market. You should know what they want. Let’s say, mothers, who are expecting or who had just given birth. Mothers want to document everything about their birth story and their precious ones. I’m sure that they not only want to document their pregnancy journey and baby through taking photos but also have a physical output such as photo books that they can show their family and kids as they grow older. You have to know who’s willing to pay, what they want to pay for and be ready to provide that.

After knowing your market, it is important to beef up your marketing efforts. Even if you have the best tools of the trade and nicest space, if you do not make yourself known and back it up with a fantastic portfolio, people will not avail of your services. There are a lot of ways to increase visibility. Maximize social media - here you can easily advertise more of your promotions. You know how companies post viral photos and videos that are shared by many? That is a tried and tested way that marketing online is an effective method. Increasing your following and being able to convert them into paying (and hopefully, repeat) customers is the most crucial part of setting up shop. That’s why you should think about your methods carefully and invest.

Photo books are personal products. Another effective marketing method for this is to build trust and rapport with your existing clients. Once they feel comfortable and trust that you are able to deliver what they want, then they will most likely recommend you to their friends and family. A recommendation from a friend or family member is a sure way to gain clients because your product is as personal as marketing through word of mouth.

Of course, you should not forget to buy the tools for your trade. Invest in good equipment and materials. In this aspect, I strongly suggest you don’t skimp. Remember, the quality of your work, while not entirely dependent, is still relative to the things you use. That is why when purchasing, don’t just automatically go with the cheapest. Look for what has the best value for money. Don’t be afraid to spend on things that generate a profit because they will eventually pay for themselves.

Now, let’s say you succeeded in getting your business out there and customers start pouring in. you have to remember that the goal is not just to have a customer who will avail your services once. We want to increase the chances of them being repeat customers. So, how do you do that? Make sure that your product is of the highest quality and is a cut above the rest. In order to do this, you have to know your competitors. Know what they offer and how you can innovate your own products and services to your advantage.this is where the quality of your photo books come in. make sure that every detail such as the material and layout are something you would want to pay for.

Getting into the photo book business does not end in providing quality products. As a business owner, you should see it to the end. Follow up and ask your customers how they find the product. Are they happy with it? Is there anything about your service or product you can improve to ensure a hundred percent customer satisfaction? Always make sure that your clients are happy because this increases the chances of them becoming a regular customer and recommending you to their family and friends.

Just like any business, starting a photo book business has its own challenges and rewards. But the keys to success are creativity and the commitment to provide the best quality of work to your clients. Don’t be afraid to explore and share your insights with your clients because this will show how much you care. The photo book business not only gives you profit, but also the opportunity to make people happy. You give them a chance to relive the precious memories they thought are long over. So, put life in each photo book and smiles on faces that will last for a long, long time.

Author's Bio: 

Yesh is a writer and digital marketer by day, and a technophile by night. He's not a pro but loves to take photos with his old, but trusty Cannon 600D.