Never shut down the window for hope. Even though you tried your level best, nothing costs for another shot. Maybe your love just wants to catch you at the right spot. Relationships are never treated as glasses which are made to be broken. Just a gentle push with love, affection and moments spent together can save your relation.

One among your partner has to take initiative else no one could wonder, after how long you will face each other. Do not bring your pride in between your relation, this could be one of the reasons your partner would never like to be with you again.

Certain points you need to keep in mind to save your relation after breakup:

Confess your mistake: If you desperately love your partner and want him or her back fast. Throw away your pride and be the first to admit your mistake. In any case, if you want your partner to stay cool and calm admit your mistake.
In some scenarios, if you feel all the wrong things happened from other side but not from you and still you are ready to confess that will bring your hand up. Make sure you do this very sincerely and sounds like you really respect your partner emotions.

Stop Lying. There is no point to lie if you really want your partner be back and want to save your relation. Keeping certain things in mind about your partner will never work. Be open and tell him or whatever you like or not. If you are a men, show all your sincerity in your talks and let her realize her mistakes and she will come over to them herself.
Stay positive. Last but not the least. After you put all your best of endeavors and still love your partner like anything. Retain healthy body and keep yourself positive. Instead of thinking about how you feel if you will never get your partner again, think about how your soul feels after you take your partner in your arms again. This idea will definitely keep your faith alive in your partner and bring liveliness to your daily life.
"If your love does not work with that person, it just means that someone else loves you more."

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