How to save your marriage: there are articles galore out there telling you how to do it as a team. Unfortunately divorce seems to be appearing more and more regardless of all the how to save your marriage tips, books, and help that is offered online and offline.

A reason for this may be because you are not hearing the save your marriage tips that need to be understood by you personally before you go ahead and start implementing the common relationship tips you see everyday like improve communication or find a compromise. Following are a few important save your marriage tips that you need to follow before you begin the process of trying to save your marriage together as a couple.

Don't Let Divorce be an Option

If you want to save your marriage to stop divorce then you are essentially saying that divorce is an option for you. But if you rule out divorce from your list of possibilities then you will put more effort into saving your marriage and making the techniques you learn work. When there is an option of just giving up all together you may be more likely to not work as hard towards saving the marriage and opting out of it instead.

Learn More About the Opposite Sex

There is a reason that John Gray, the writer of Mars and Venus books, is popular! He knows that women and men are different in how they think and how they approach relationships. Having an understanding of how the opposite sex thinks is invaluable to understanding why they do what they do in the relationship. It can help you understand why your partner doesn't react the way you do to certain situations as well as how to deal with your partner to get the desired result that you want from them. Research the opposite sex and you will be surprised at how differently they think and how much that knowledge can benefit you and your relationship!

Be Respectful Towards Your Partner

The days of please and thank you have probably long gone out the window and have been replaced with demands and other choice words, but if you want to save your marriage then you have to start with a basic level of respect towards your partner that shows you respect him or her as a human being. Sometimes we treat strangers better than we treat our partners, and this should never be the case.

Remember That Your Partner is Not Perfect

Expecting that your partner should understand everything that you are feeling or saying, and do everything you think is right, is unrealistic. Your partner is not perfect, nobody is! They can't know everything and do everything perfectly, and as soon as you understand that it will allow you to give your partner a little leeway in the screw-up department. It will allow you to look at your partner with a little softer eyes which means that you won't be so angry or upset but rather a little more understanding. This will benefit your sanity and your ability to effectively work on saving your marriage.

Stop Attacking Your Partner

Criticizing your partner at every turn is not going to help you when you are trying to save your marriage. In fact, it may make your partner withdraw from the process of trying to save your marriage altogether! Nobody wants to be yelled at and criticized all the time.

Rather than criticizing your partner try talking to them in a non-judgemental way. This means talking to your partner in a rational and non-blaming tone rather than a 'this is what you did wrong' tone. You will find that your partner will be much more willing to work on your marriage if you do this.

Implement these tips for yourself before you try and save your marriage together. You will find that saving the marriage will be much easier if you do. If you want to save your marriage you have to have your priorities straight first. You can't implement the relationship tips to save your marriage when your mind-set is in the wrong place, or it will never work.

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Wondering how to save your marriage is the first step in actually saving it. It shows that you care enough about the marriage to want to continue on with it.

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