Delhi is the national capital of India. It is the place where major historic events had occurred and still remembered by the people. All the historic events, foreign invasions in the city, and many other national fights between Mughal emperors, British, and a variety of dynasties have left the deep imprints of their cultures and architectures in the city.

Today, Delhi is considering as one of the most fast developing city in India. Delhi shares its borders with many other states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Many people have been migrating from these states to Delhi for various reasons, in which first reason is recorded for accruing good studies or higher studies. Second big reason is that people are hunting good jobs. Now days highly paid jobs are also available. People are approaching to Delhi to launch their new small scale business. In this way we can say that Delhi is a major hub to learn and gain place for many aspirants.

Now a day’s truism is also developed in its charm at Delhi. Many foreign visitors are excited to see various historical monuments situated in Delhi; visitors find great attraction in Delhi’s food and cuisines. A large number of foreign students are also coming Delhi to seek good educations too. Because all the Delhi based schools are prominent enough to provide good quality education to their students. Timely all the Schools are also updating their study pattern, syllabus, extra- curricular activities too in the school. All these new ventures in schools system are also encouraging many Delhi as well as outside students to seek education only from Delhi. Thus, we can say Delhi’s people are very fast forward for accumulating the latest trends in all sectors, modern ideas, new applications, that amounts to the modern social ethos.

Many private and public schools located in Delhi are also providing the foreign standards studies pattern, they have also introduced the western theme of school facilities, infrastructure, and teachers are also too much qualified who can easily handle their teaching task in a highly professional manner. Mostly Schools are offering students all the computerized classes for all the subjects starting from class I to XII. Besides that, well equipped science and math’s laboratories, library, swimming pool, aerobics classes and many more extra-curricular actives have been included in the syllabus. All these things are giving students the best opportunity to develop all rounds.

Some Government or government aided schools are also doing good work to enhance the quality of students, when they get pass out from the school. The basic facility would remain same in private and public school. Both the schools are coming under CBSE (central board of secondary education) or ICSE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) board. But the teaching methodology is differs in both these schools. Parents of government students are also basically belonging from lower middle class or less than that. These schools are offering education at very minimum school fees.

Education in Delhi is reasonable when it comes to Government run institutes but can become a little expensive in private institutes. The medium of instruction can vary from English as in the Private schools to Hindi in the State run schools. Education in Delhi is categorized in pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary level in the schools. Some of the renowned schools in Delhi are: Delhi Public School, Richmond Global School PaschimVihar, Doon Public School PaschimVihar, Mother's Pride West Punjabi Bagh.

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