In football sports betting the most important thing for those gamblers is looking at the odds of looking at football odds, today 123maxx will introduce a detailed way to view football odds for the benefit of new football bettors. Learn วิธีดูราคาบอล

Where the ball price flows easily look at the red and green arrows next to the numbers in the grid. Usually, the ball price will flow 1 hour before kickoff and set the final price 1 minute before the second half play, which direction the ball flows in. You can see the arrow. If the arrow is green, it means the price is flowing up. (price increases) while the red arrow indicates the price flows down (the price goes down). There are 2 types of ball prices flowing:

In most cases, the odds will not flow because there is little interest in it. But in some pairs that the website wants to invite people to bet a lot, it may reduce the odds, such as half, merging the ball "(0.5-1) is always a half" (0-0.5), giving players a chance.

Football betting formula by thrusting a corner kick

The fact that the website fluctuates the water price, for example, if there are many players and the website does not want to pay a lot the price may be adjusted down from 9 to 0.7, which means that from the original if the gambler wins 90 baht, it will be reduced to 70 baht, etc.

At the same time, if any pair that the website is confident that it will not lose it will adjust the price to flow upwards, for example, from the price -0.7 to -0.9, that means if the gambler wins, the money will be 100 baht, but if it loses, the money will be increased from 70 baht to 90 baht, etc.

In addition to this, there are many interesting betting forms on the online gambling website without having to use the football odds as the odds, such as Asian handicaps that allow you to bet as simple as guessing. The next team or the secondary team will either lose or win. Or will it be a 1x2 pool that allows you to bet on all 3 events, that is, you can choose to bet that which team will win, always win and lose.

1.1 to bet low full time the price of a high-low corner kick is approximately 11-12 balls.

1.2 if the number of corners is taken, it comes close to the back that we have stabbed out, is to stab the garden, pay the water fee, do not hesitate.

1.3 to bet on a corner kick in this way we have a huge advantage. Because sometimes people issue a price very wrong expectations because the game picture is not as you think

As I used to play some pairs of high prices, 11 balls, but finish the game, the number of corners is only 6-7.

1.4 important to take off do not hesitate, there must be a couple who meet the criteria according to item 3 even if we lose the water bill. We can still combine with the next pair.

1.5 stabbing with this method we are never totally wasted. Very much, just wastewater.

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