First of all, what is this beverage called espresso? The word espresso itself is derived from the Italian word meaning express. This is because espresso is ordered by and delivered quickly to the customer. Espresso was first made in Italy, although there is controversy over whether the name "espresso" comes from a word meaning "fast" or one meaning "to express."

Before the advances in the coffee machines, you had to go to a coffee shop that had to have a professional barista to make the coffee. Providing great coffee to the customers is not only the important work for a barista, but keeping the cost down is also important. For this, they must know how to use and maintain the machines and supplies.

In the last decade, the machines have advanced so much that you now can have an espresso coffee machine in your own home.

The way an espresso machine works is by compressing water down a pipe at "9 bars" of pressure at a temperature of 90 degrees or 195 Fahrenheit. This pushes the oils out of the coffee grinds and into the cup waiting at the bottom making a rich fresh coffee shot for you

The second explanation is more likely since the first espresso machines used a small boiler to force steam and boiling water through the coffee grounds under pressure. Espresso's strong, creamy coffee flavor comes from the pressure of the machine's piston that forces more coffee solids into the cup. In the last decade, the machines have advanced so much that you now can have an espresso coffee machine in your own home.

Some websites that offer a good selection of coffee espresso machines that can be used in your home you should certainly check out the reviews on each maker or machine you look into. This will give you a better idea of what consumers have experienced with these coffee espresso machines.

You will discover dozens of well-known coffees to choose from in the marketplace. Go to any large grocery stores or specialized gourmet coffee retail store and you will discover an array of whole bean and pre-ground coffee bags. Well, since coffee shops and java houses commonly utilize fancy coffee espresso machines, you may wonder how it is even possible to get a good cappuccino or iced vanilla latte at home. The reality is you can purchase your very own coffee espresso machine.

When choosing an espresso machine, you need to decide if you want a manual model, a semi-automatic model, or a fully automatic machine. If you're a busy person that wants to be able to serve your guests a good espresso after dinner, without much fuss and hassle, then either a semi or a fully-automatic espresso machine is the one you should select.

For purchasing a good coffee machine coffee dorks can also play an important role. Coffee Dorks are considered as a small community of dedicated baristas and coffee aficionados. They blog, rate and review a wide variety of products, such as espresso machines, burr grinders, single-serve coffee makers and many more. Their mission is to help consumers make purchase decisions while saving them many hours of research.

But how do you select the espresso machine that will best serve you? well, the best way to do this would be to test a few machines in the shop before you choose. Some of the espresso machines also include a milk wand so you can also create coffee like flat whites and latte. The milk wand will heat water, and use the water to steam and froth the milk for you.

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