We find a place to have coffee wherever we are, but a place to enjoy a little less coffee.

But what is good coffee? How do we recognize one?

From the consistency to the cup, from the temperature, to the aroma ... different are the elements that we can take into consideration to try to recognize a really good coffee and it's time to learn to recognize them!

How to tell if a coffee is good

Good coffee is a collection of elements that involve the senses, which is why to recognize one it is necessary to use them practically everyone!

A good coffee can be seen

That's right! From a first glance we can realize what awaits us.
A good coffee, especially espresso, comes with a fairly consistent creamy sauce whose color can vary depending on the type of coffee used.

A trick that we can use, which is a bit of a litmus test, is to pour the sugar into the coffee and see how it goes down over the cream. In fact, if the sugar gets stuck for a moment on the creamy sauce and comes down later, most likely the coffee will be good, but if the sugar immediately falls, be ready for the worst!
Of course, this test does not apply to coffee made with mocha, which is free of surface cream.

A good coffee can be heard from the scent

What better way to recognize a good coffee than to smell? The aromas emanating from the coffee are multiple and difficult to recognize immediately, but with a good workout it is possible to begin to distinguish different scents. What we can immediately notice, however, in the fragrance emanating from the coffee is undoubtedly if there is an odor of burnt coffee present or absent! Especially with the mocha it is very easy to notice if the coffee has taken that typical smell of singed, and therefore the taste! A little more difficult with the espresso whose smell is almost retained by the cup, but not impossible.

A good coffee also depends on the cup

It sounds strange but yet it is so! A coffee can be made in the best way but if it is served in the wrong cup it can immediately lose its aromas! This is why I have studied, created its "megaphone" effect cup with a cup afterwards, whose shape manages to retain and enhance the aromas.

In any case, the perfect cup of espresso coffee should be as hot as possible, but not red-hot, filled no more than 25 ml, have a thicker base than the rest, and possibly be white to allow the cream color to stand out. .

A coffee can be recognized by taste, of course!

We can look, smell, touch, but obviously to understand if we are dealing with a good coffee, we must taste it! Obviously any coffee will have that slight bitter aftertaste but in order to recognize a good one we must therefore concentrate on the other aromas we feel and even in this case perceive whether the coffee is singed or not.
Even after-coffee is important because from the aftertaste that remains in our mouths, it will essentially be to reveal us if we have drunk a great espresso and at the same time if the mixture we have chosen is the right one for us!

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