The setback with new launch condos is that all the amazing features shown in the brochure are usually great in theory but disappointing in reality.

It is tricky picking units because you are unable to see it physically beforehand. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into selecting a unit simply because the seller says other people are interested and ready to pay.

To avoid dealing with unsatisfactory unit issues, here are some important things to look out for:

Check out the unit facing

Most new projects have several facings and blocks. Developers tend to place the bigger bedrooms layouts in the best facings. The best views usually consist of unhindered views overlooking a serene estate, vibrant greenery, dazzling city skies, soothing sea or pool panorama. These views are often pricey to get so it is up to you to decide if they are an essential.

Consider what floor the unit is located

High floor units have great ventilation and better lighting than those on the low floor. On the other hand, lower floor units have the advantage of convenience because of how easy they are to access.

Closeness to entrance, gates, and access facilities

The best choice to reduce dealing with road noise is to go for unit facings that are a block near the entrance, drop off point or gate. It is additionally helpful to be near access facilities and gates if you hate walking.

Search for efficiently designed layouts

Although developers try to make great view available for as many units as possible, they occasionally end up making inefficient layouts. For instance, some layouts can have considerably useless corridor spaces which can translate to less usable space. This also causes the views of the layout to be less than pleasing. In such situations, it rests on you to choose whether this problem is something you can tolerate. On Sengkang Grand Residences, District 19 Integrated condominium you can choose out of 680 unique units and could be sure that you will find the best option for you.

Look for units with unique features

Before selecting a unit, look for one that comes with unique features. For instance:

–If you enjoy being on the ground floor, units on that level that have a big patio facing a swimming pool will be a fantastic choice for you. Also, if you love outdoor gardening and recreation, the aforementioned units are a great pick.

–If high floor units are your preference, look for those that have dining pavilions, sky terraces (with a Jacuzzi) and outdoor chilling areas.

Assess the quality of fittings and materials in the unit

It is good practice to find out about the supplied brands of fittings and materials that come with the unit.
It is highly advisable to check out the supplied brands of materials and fitting that are attached to the unit.

If you look around the flat or unit, labels on the appliances and fittings will give you a good idea of the quality of brands developers use. When selecting between units that have similar overall value, it is helpful to compare the materials and fittings to see which one offers better value.

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