To make a good smoothie, you need a good mixer. A standard kitchen mixer can work, but often it can't do a good enough job quickly. With one of the blenders recommended below, your smoothie will come out perfect every time with less effort. There are multiple types of blenders such as premium, single glass and mini portable blenders.

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to lose weight, detoxify your body and get more vegetables in your diet. If you are serious about losing weight with smoothies or eating a healthy diet, I recommend investing in yourself and buying the best blender that suits your budget without skimping. Your body will thank you.

In general, the more expensive a manufacturer is, the more power and performance you can expect. However, not everyone requires so much power, so one of the most affordable models could be just what you need.

If you are looking for a new shake mixer, you will have to decide on a budget since there is a very wide range according to characteristics. Some more expensive models can cost more than € 300, while others cost less than € 50. For example, Vitamix blenders are distinguished by their construction and commercial quality performance, but you may not need to invest in such a high-quality smoothie machine to get the desired results.

The next step is to determine what type of blender is right for you. If the budget is not enough for a premium blender  or you are looking for a blender that can prepare smaller portions without giving so much importance to the final texture, you may want to try a more compact single glass blender manufacturer and even a mini blender  that stands out for its portability While these blenders are more compact and ideal for preparing takeaway drinks, they tend to be less powerful.

Smoothies have become a daily food for many health-conscious people. And that is not a surprise: they are an infallible way to combine fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and other foods in a delicious way.

Premium blenders

On the other hand,  premium blenders offer greater power and performance, and can generally handle even the most difficult ingredients to mix for a perfect texture. The container is larger, which is ideal for preparing shakes for more than one person at a time. Some milkshake manufacturers are more suitable for soft ingredients, such as a yogurt-based milkshake or even a milkshake but if you prefer more smoothies made with frozen fruits, nuts, and other hard foods, a larger and more powerful blender or blender could be a good investment.

Single glass blenders

Ideal cooking gadget to prepare smoothies, sauces, and soups. They are usually compact and fit in tight spaces on your kitchen counter, which saves you the task of having to assemble and disassemble with each use.

These appliances enter the daily routine, are easy to use and clean. Smoothies can be created in a few minutes for one or two people maximum, so if it is a mixture for the whole family or you like a perfect texture when crushing ice, seeds or frozen ingredients, this may not be the option anymore suitable for you. 

Mini portable blenders

Portability is its main characteristic, do not look for a great power but they are the most appropriate for their size and autonomy to take them with yourself on a trip, to work, on vacation or anywhere. One charge can give you 10-12 runs which is very efficient provided the capacity of the DC battery. Portable blenders are now the best option available out there if you commute in your own car and have a charging port in it because you can charge it while driving and keep it in your car.

Hand blenders

Those of a lifetime is the most economical and can sporadically take us out of a hurry but they are certainly not the most suitable for the development of smoothies.

Conclusion: What is the best mixer to make a smoothie?

The answer is not simple, it depends mainly on the budget and the intended use. On this page, we have collected all the information to facilitate the decision and purchase process. Whether you're starting a healthy morning smoothie regime or want to make more homemade soups, gazpacho, sauces, etc. or turn children's snacks into rich and healthy smoothies, there's a blender for you.

One of the best smoothie mixers in the premium range is from the manufacturer Vitamix, powerful, resistant and with the very good build quality. However, there are also other best-selling mid-range options such as  Russell Hobbs Mix & Go Cool with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 based on more than 1300 opinions from satisfied customers.

All blenders were tested to see how they behaved with raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and ice. The key quality we were looking for was the smoothness and speed of operations and, of course, the end result. The devices we tested using a variety of engines with various power levels, however, we found that the resistance, shape, and size of the blades were almost as important for the final result, as the speed of rotation.

Ease of use and functionality were also key factors, we discovered that simple one-button designs were the easiest to use and, in general, everything that was required. Finally, although all blenders or blenders tend to be quite noisy, the ones that generated the least decibels were judged favorably.

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