Although, acne is a nuisance, it is something which can be easily tackled and managed successfully. There are various acne care products out there in the market that are used for treatment of acne and can be classified into three broad categories.

General acne care products – It is also called preventive acne care product used as preventive measure. Make-up removers and cleansers help prevent acne. These and such similar products limit the production and accumulation of oil and dust on skin preventing clogging of your skin pores and thus hamper the growth of bacteria which tend to cause acne. Exfoliation products such as skin peels are also general acne products that act by removing dead skin cells reducing any chance of bacteria growth and pore clogging.

Over-the-counter acne care products – These specialized acne products are available over the counter and thus you do not need any prescription. Vanishing creams made using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are such products and they help extract the extra oil from your skin. Moisturizers based on alpha-hydroxyl acid are equally popular acne care products. You need to try some of them before zeroing on one such product that suits you. In case, nothing works, you should see a dermatologist.

On-prescription acne care products - Ointments which can be used on the affected surface or antibiotic drugs are on-prescription acne care products. Such products are normally prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist. Dermatologists sometime choose to propose a small surgical method to help get rid of the contents of pustules. In any case, avoid squeezing or doing it by yourself as it tends to lead a permanent damage to your skin. Hormonal changes are known to cause acne and so few doctors also recommend a hormone-based treatment as such products are very effective in some selected cases.

Acne curing basically depends on the treatment for acne and the physician you choose. Looking to all those acne care products, preventing and controlling acne is not that complicated.

To sum up I would like to say that all 3 types of acne treatments listed above are effective. However, they are more expensive than natural remedies. That is why before visiting your doctor or obtaining any over the counter product I recommend you to give some natural remedies a try. You can find a lot of them at the website above. So, do not give up and soon you will see that your acne is finally gone.

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