If your child's birthday is not many days left, you should better start planning as soon as possible to arrange nothing but the best. You have to make a proper plan about the theme of the party, the guest list, food, beverages and a lot more. Most importantly, a children special party is almost incomplete without the right party supplies around.


Therefore, you have to put a special focus on these particular arrangements. At first, jot down the supplies you must hire. Undoubtedly, jumping castles will always top the list among the other supplies for children birthday parties in Sutherland Shire. If it is the main highlight of your event, you must choose the right theme for the castle.


It has to comply with the overall theme of the birthday party. Also, you have to keep your eye on the safety matters as not there are unfortunate events around Australia keep on happening with jumping castles and most of the cases point out the poor quality of the castles.


Here are some ideas about the theme of the jumping castles. What are the best ones in the market right now? Find out in the following.


Sports Theme Castles


For the kids around the age of 5-10, sports-themed jumping castles are preferably the best one, especially if the young ones are boys. They will love the funky prints of football, soccer ball, basketball, baseball and of course cricket-themed prints all over the castle. Make sure that the castle is colourful and features bright pictures all over the castle. The kids will love to jump around.


Princess Themed Castles


Alternately, if most of the young ones coming to the party are girls, in that case, princess themed castles will be the best choice for sure. The princess they come across in the fairy tales they go through will be there in large poster sized images all over the castles with bright colour contrast. It will undoubtedly be the main highlight of the party.


Racing-Themed Castles


Every kid loves to play video games, and most of them are almost obsessed with racing games. Imagine if they find a jumping castle on their friend's birthday party that has large car images printed all over it, how excited will they be! Go for it if you find one around. It will thrill them.


Pirate Themed Castle


This specially themed castle is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices among all. There is possibly no kid who have not seen Pirates of the Caribbean and there are theme jumping castles for kids available depicting the images of their favourite star ‘Jack Sparrow’ and his acquaintance. The kids can go for role play inside the castle and enjoy their game thoroughly.



Final Words


Along with ensuring the safety of the kids who are being invited for the party, you also have to make sure the castles are spacious and comfortable enough for the kids to keep on enjoying till the end.

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