Data is the lifeline of a business. Everything from your customer contacts, financials, internal procedures, and proprietary information come in the form of data. And hence, when this data is stored on an electronic device or across a network of devices, the process of data destruction gets trickier. And hence it is important for the IT teams and management of a company to ensure that the best practices of hard drive destruction and IT asset disposition are put in place to avoid a data breach or data leak.

Sometimes, to save costs these teams end up compromising on the security of the data by stockpiling their old computers and hard drives in a dark room or sell these devices at a lower rate to third parties without understanding that a data breach could cost a bunch of negative results to the company such as noncompliance, brand damage, negative media coverage, loss of customers, loss of revenue, regulatory fines, prosecution, and legal fees.

Many companies believe that if a file is deleted, it’s gone for good, but that’s not true. Did you know, as per NAID (National Association For Information Destruction, Inc.) 40 percent of used electronic devices sold on the second-hand market contained personally identifiable information including sensitive and personal information like usernames, passwords, company data, and tax details? We have state of the art data destruction wiping software to ensure that your data is unreadable by even the most advanced technologies. We understand the importance of your business’ data. Hard drives tend to store personal information such as records of every kind, social security numbers, addresses, bank account information, dates of birth, branding information, health records, client and employee information and more. The best way to permanently delete this data can only be done through Shredding by a reputable data destruction company like Surplus Service. You can be sure that once destroyed, your data can never be found. Period.

It is important to make every effort to avoid data breaches. Though there may be cost-effective ways to eliminate the drives yourself, this can put you and your company’s data at risk. The most secure method for data eradication would be to hire a professional company which specializes in the proper destruction of electronic data storage media like Surplus Service who ensures that your data destruction is done right using high-security data destruction machines that can securely destroy and make any data unrecoverable. When you hire a data destruction company in the Bay area like Surplus Service, you can be sure that all of the data on your data storage media is completely removed by physically destroying the hard drives using a high-security media destroyer. This will ensure that any data on your hard drive is unrecoverable and cannot be retrieved even when using modern forensic techniques.

If laptops, hard drives or computers are unused and not protected, they put themselves at a huge risk for the information being compromised on it. Do you really trust yourself to properly destroy all of your data on your own? Well, why not hire us and be sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that your data is destroyed safely? Let’s connect! Surplus Service

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