Today, people think themselves famous if they can get 1,00,000 Instagram followers and 5,000 Twitter followers.

How to sell on Instagram is an art and everyone of us can succeed if we stay true to our self and engage with followers. At the same time, we also need to keep distance from critics for focused efforts.

Creating Instagram accounts for sale needs variety of spiced content adding which profile becomes tasty, liked by public.

By 2017, 48.8% of world’s all brands have accounts on Instagram for sale.

As Magento web development company, we are using regularly basis Instagram to build our positive brand value to the worldwide, no matter services or products base your business is.

Whether you are using Instagram to sell or for personal promotion, tips presented here are beneficial for all motives, just like there is no difference between a fool and wise man when they fall in love!

Experts like Neil Patel have collected certain time-tested techniques on how to sell a product on Instagram or if you are service-based business, tips on how to sell service on Instagram are more than 60% remain same, we will take a fast drive on them. I’m sure it will take your profits sky high.

1.Include location in the post

Instagram posts that include a location receive 79% extra engagement.

Instagram is a social media powerhouse that offers an opportunity to connect with individuals living in any part of the world.

Yet, really interested users would be residing mostly nearby your area, i.e. in your country/state/city.

Rigid marketers sometimes say that anything is possible and putting limitations restrict business growth, but I suggest putting location does NOT fend overseas traders from contacting you.

In short, business location says about your authenticity and real-world existence of your business. And you should mention location in few of your posts.

2. Regulate publishing of posts

Weekends have proved better engagement rate over weekdays.

Generating timely posts with quality content is the first part of the story.

In an analysis conducted over 1,00,000 Instagram posts published in a period of 3 months, higher interaction is found in proportion with more number of posts.

Once publishing becomes punctual, you may publish 5 posts in one shot, just care that you don’t fiddle the content.

3. Publish video content from time to time

Storytelling is good, when it is enriched with videos, it becomes awesome.

2017 is announced as the year of video content.

55% videos viewed on mobiles are length of less than or equal to 5 minutes. So, keep it succinct, people don’t find time most of the times in their busy schedule.

However, Instagram allows only 60 seconds video posts. Posts that include video content find more comments, average 767 comments over photos-alone-posts having average comments of 373.

4. Increase profile influence, beyond a lot of followers

Writing a catchy handle with a sweet description, of course, impresses your friend circle.

But if you are looking to earn money, added are a couple of more requirements.

Why do businesses find it appropriate to pay money to Instagram users like you?
Because you have a lot of followers, and they want the exposure of their products in front of your audience.

Having only few hundred followers means less space and not lot of people will see your posts.

Once you have collected an ample number of unfake connections, the first stage of sales funnel, that is, awareness is completed.

For sales, we need to have persuasion skills. With these skills, the audience will take action based on your recommendations.

5. Build actionable strategy with Analytics tools

Above screenshot shows analytics data from a 3rd party tool, but Instagram itself provides analytics facility that comes 100% free.

By looking into that information, you can measure whether your marketing efforts are paying off or not.

You ought to discontinue non performing campaigns and put greater emphasis on marketing flanks that are delivering results.

Post more content that is getting reactions from followers.

6. Make money with sponsored posts

Let me tell you that Instagram marketers with 7 million followers get up to as much as USD $1,50,000 per post.

Simultaneously, it isn’t possible for a user with just few hundred followers to earn good income out of sponsored posts.

This point is generally more applicable for marketers who want to earn money by promoting SMEs over their own business.

There are two approaches to achieve this:

1.Organic/audience first approach
Here, you try to build followers gradually, by sharing photos of interest, and similar minded people will connect with you.

Then relevant brands will collaborate with you on planned marketing by observing the influence of your profile.

2. Business first approach
Since you know that Instagram posts can gain you a lucrative amount, you can directly work towards the goal.

Search for niche categories that endow more profits/attraction and create a profile around specifics of that industry/sector/product.

Then go for deals with brands working under that domain. You can leverage money by sharing and creating a specific number of posts/likes/shares.

More than 60% of total Instagram users log in daily, it is the 2nd rank social network after 1st being Facebook.

7. Share pictures of local city/culture

Avoid making your profile one-way street.

-In parallel to sales aligned posts, indulge in
-informal discussions
-ask for suggestions and
-highlight events/incidents of everyday life.

Take, for example, food is the part of every culture, yet the taste of bread hugely varies from one geographic region to another. So if you have prepared yummy content at home or if you’re having palatable dish at a local restaurant, catch pixel-perfect photos and share.

Since no living creature dislikes talks related to food, you will be attended - which is what we need.

Jessica, a teacher of mathematics, loves to know, prepare and share unique cuisine frequently. By continuing this activity for less than just 2.5 years, she has deposited 3,51,000 followers in the Instagram account - between 2015 to 2018.

Not sufficient? Well, she is paid an amount to travel the world every month by customer during which she captures nice photos at the time of meals, that’s it.

8. Post pictures of past clients or user-generated testimonials

Truth seeks no corner - as we all know.

It is quicker to gain people’s trust-based by sharing customer photos and replies.

It is not much panic to ask existing guest/client to put a note on their experiences with your products/services.

Taking a photo should be the habit of anyone who wants to survive on Instagram.

It makes sense to share an album depicting complete experience over single-single photos. It doubles customer confidence that business deal approached with your shop would be ROI for them.

9. Treat Instagram profile as one of the business assets

I am closing up on this last piece of advice.

We cannot control the rules while living in a rented place. The final decision is that of a landlord.

Instagram has sophisticated algorithms running behind the scenes. It has terminated accounts of individuals who were there for years with 1,000s of followers.

It happens, even without prior warning.

If all of your business strategies are constructed around Instagram alone, rethink.

Keep alternative email list of followers, connect all social accounts with each other so 90% of all audiences are available in one or more of them all in case one account is abandoned.

Social media account can not be a substitute of a website.

Instagram is evolving at mind-blowing speed, it also beneficial for who are providing Magento development services or any ecommerce development. You should be equally determined to maintain terrific user interaction to grow your business. It is meaningful to use Instagram to increase revenue. Instagram is a social media website which is visual driven, accessible to everyone and highly searched by all sorts of internet surfers. User account should be an active stream of photos, experiences and memories. Audience building should be an everyday activity of any merchant. Make exaggerated income by catching hold of anyone or two monetizing techniques.

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