Second-hand products are much more sustainable (and cheaper) than new products. It is therefore a very good sign that the sale and purchase of second-hand goods is on the rise in UK as well. Where in the past we seemed to do everything through Marketplaces, nowadays there are many more online platforms for the sale of second-hand products. That's great, because it means that there is a lively online trade and you can find more and more products online. But that also means that the competition for sellers is becoming stronger. Therefore, you have to do your best to distinguish yourself with your advertisement. That's why I like to share 5 tips for success when selling your second-hand stuff online.

1. Write Good But True Description
If you want to sell your stuff online quickly and for a good price, it is important to provide your advertisement with good information. Ads with minimal information can arouse suspicion or discourage people. You get plenty of opportunity in the advertisement to provide information about the product so make good use of it. The more information you provide, the better your products will be found via the search functions. The title of the advertisement is often also important here. Of course you want a striking headline for your advertisement, but often it pays to place as much practical information as possible in the title. Think from the buyer and you will come a long way.

2. Add Clear Photos
"Image sells products" that's the international rule. We all know that we are more interested in things with good photos, but we still do not follow this advice well enough. Just click through any online sales site in UK and you will be surprised by the often miserable quality of the photos. The photos are blurry, upside down or missing in their entirety. You can't expect to sell something if you don't offer people a good preview. The higher the asking price, the more important it is to place good quality photos. Preferably multiple photos with as many details as possible. Yes it sounds like a lot of work, but it can greatly boost sales and boost your reputation as a seller.

3. Choose a Right Platform
Of course it is handy that there are many general sales sites, such as Gumtree, okoloo, and Freeukclassifieds, but that does not mean that everything sells equally well here. Sometimes it is useful to offer your products on a specific gentry online for the right target group. For example; if you're Polish and want to sell your stuff in the UK, then you must find a website where you can communicate with the interested buyers in your Polish. In that condition, Syrenka will be your first choice to place your ad. Finding such platforms is not a big challenge. There are numerous platforms where you can classified your products in your local language. You can go to Syrenka for the sale of your motorcycle, caravan, camper or boat. On this online platform, supply and demand for various means of transport are brought together and you can imagine that the chance that you will succeed in selling here is higher than if you place an advertisement on a website where people will be less likely to search on a caravan or motor home. Also selling or renting your own property to polish people in UK is also easy on the platform.

4. Be Accessible
One of the most frequently mentioned annoyances about online sales sites is the accessibility of buyers and sellers. Nothing is more annoying than having to wait for days for a response from the seller, and people also drop out pretty quickly if the selling party doesn't respond quickly enough. So be easily accessible. Respond as quickly as possible to messages and possibly include your telephone number with the advertisement so that you are in direct contact with potential buyers. This way sales are arranged quickly and all parties are satisfied.

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Misty Jhones