Whilst ride on mowers are useful and serves extraordinarily, it does get older after a certain time and start troubling. Soon you realize that it’s time to buy a new one, you plan to sell the existing one. Selling off older mower is a wise decision as you get rid of older machine and also make some money which can be utilized to buy the new one. But trouble comes when plan to sell it off but get no clue as how to begin. Here are some handy quick tips that will guide to the best.

Repair all the defects: This is the first thing to do. Since you are using it, you are well aware of its defects. List them and fix it with the help of a mower mechanic. It may cost you a bit, but it will bring you more while selling. Remember, selling used mower doesn’t mean getting rid of an old defective piece, buyer will inspect what you are selling them and turn back if is not worth to spend.

Clean up your old mower: Start the process by dusting the mower and washing with good cleaning agent to remove all those stains it got while using in all those years. Use a clean dry towel to wipe water droplets and bring shine. Cleaner mower means presentable and attractive mower, which means high chances of people willing to buy your item.

Determine the price: Every item’s performance deteriorates and so is its monetary value. Determine actual current value of your machine. The best way to do this is to study your local classifieds section for ride on mowers that is similar to yours. Note down the prices and evaluate appropriate cost of your machine. This will give you a fair idea of what to charge for your mower.

Advertise your product: When you are all clear about the price and that your product is ready to sell, prepare an advertisement for classified ad that sates its every detail. Take its photograph from different angles and write some details of its specification, age and your contact information. Make the information as clear as possible so that buyers contact you only after having a clear idea of your product.

Be active in response: Make sure that you reply to each of the interest as soon as you get, as it is possible that a potential buyer will lose interest if you don’t respond and move elsewhere to buy ride on mowers. If you are not getting appropriate price for your mower, try to be a bit flexible with your price if buyer is genuinely interested and is needy.

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This article is shared by Anne Mehla on the behalf of Melbourne’s Mower Centre - The RedShed Super Stores. They provide high end chainsaws and manual ride on mowers in Melbourne. Melbourne’s Mower Centre also deals in long lasting petrol hedge trimmers and lawn mowers in Melbourne, Australia.