We've all been in a situation where we wished we could send a video from its source wirelessly to a display. Filmmakers may need to be able to output a signal to multiple monitors while keeping the camera itself completely untethered. The tech necessary to do this cost thousands of dollars just a few years ago, but today, Accsoon is selling wireless video transmission systems starting at under $500. The question is, for these low prices, is the video quality sufficient? Surprisingly, yes.

Accsoon sent me the CineView HE system. This kit can send and receive both HDMI signal and costs just $499. Because I don't own a single product that uses SDI, I personally would have purchased the cheaper "Quad" model that can output HDMI & SDI signals at once for just $449.

Image Quality
The CineView HE and Quad can send a 1080p signal at up to 60 fps. I ran side-by-side tests running a signal through the CineView HE wirelessly and then plugging in an HDMI cable directly into a monitor. Although there were very slight artifacts found in the wireless signal, I'm not sure anyone would be able to notice them without a direct A/B test. I would not suggest using the wireless system to record a video signal, but for viewing, the wireless system performed much better than I expected.

Accsoon claims that the CineView HE can send a signal up to 350M without any barriers. I didn't do a range test, but others online have been able to get a signal at this distance. I personally only care about it working within a house, through walls, and around corners, and in my test, it worked reliably without any interference.

This system produces about 0.1 frames of lag while shooting at 24 fps. In my opinion, this is fast enough to use this as a wireless monitor for a focus puller. If you're sending both audio and video wirelessly, they will be synced perfectly.

Powering the Units
Both the transmitter and receiver need to be powered by a npf adapter. The box only comes with a single AC adapter, so you will have to buy another or a battery to make them work initially.

Ease of Use
Turn them on, choose a channel, and they simply work. There is no complicated setup, menu, or button layout.

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Hi! I'm Jonah. I've always been interested in different electronics. I began working for an A/V installation company years ago and realized my passion for home theaters!