To talk about outdoor clothing, the main focal point is the fabric, unequal apparel use unequal work, usually good out-of-doors jackets will use high technology. Why Polartec can be so light, but with so good thermal coefficient. This is a instance of high-tech. Fabrics do not leave. As for the authentic and fake recognition of TNF clothing, fabric is same to be the vital factor. Some North Face Jackets with authentic fabric but fake accessories. For example, zip, care label and so on. To find them need great carefulness, but if you do not know about it so much, through a number of ways you can tell the difference.

1. Most TNF use YKKVISLON5VS zips, 5VS zips was applied in TNF, COLUMBIA, MHW and so on. A special film will be attached to Zippers, they looks special shiny. Fake products can not achieve that.
2. Care label parts. Care labels of TNF, MHW are provided by manufacturers, after the clothes are complete, factories will destroy the remaining care labels. As long as careful observation, it can still be seen. Authentic care labels are done by firing, the character can be seen clearly. The edge of authentic care labels are usually solid sewn, and use special items to paste two together. Most brands do like this. We can see the authentic thing at hands, each piece is double sewned but can not be trusted. Fake ones will be separated by washing several times.
3. Lanyard on the neck. Authentic North Face Jackets generally have a custom lanyard at the place of collar, very few products have not. Genuine TNF with tight lanyard but is not very hard. Replicas also have lanyards, but can not achieve the scale of authentic. This is due to the high costs. Some also use some liquid to hard the lanyard, but the overall texture is very different from real things. The above is the easy methods to spot fake North Face Jackets, Other brands also have their own characteristics.
4. The embroidery of logo. Clothes LOGO image shows almost not the same every section. Then how can we tell them from each other. Many customers will compare the logo with different section jackets logo. It is difficult to distinguish. In the comparison, the best is to put same style, same fabric clothes together. Solid material can have good embroidery logo, The effect of embroidery softer fabrics is more bad.
5. Warm, waterproof. Be a outdoor clothing, waterproof is the most important. So they must be waterproof every point. Simple experimentation: put water at any place of the cloth. Then you may find that authentic jackets will not passage any water in a long time.
The most useful method is compare a lot North Face Jackets, in the condition that you compared a lot, compare true and false can be seen out.

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