Content marketing is considered one of the best strategies for business growth. When it is done well, it has the power to slay multiple marketing birds with one proverbial stone. This can be done from building an audience, relaying a brand’s message, establishing expertise, and converting these modes into paying customers or a loyal user base. But how to set-up a great content marketing for your business?
Take a look at the latest high ticket sales funnel right now, and how can you implement it in your online business.

The latest statistics claimed that there are only 30% of B2B business who believe that their content marketing is effective. There is, however, an increasing disappointment because content marketing gradually becomes less effective. The problem usually just lies at the door or lack of content marketing strategy. Companies seek involvement in content marketing but were not informed exactly how to take advantage of it.

Here is how you set-up a content marketing strategy
: Create a list of goals and bright ideas for the variety of content that may have an effective outcome to achieve those goals, such as:

A land page that can help sell an e-book or other products
A campaign influencer on social media to build an audience among demographic
A blog program to target for specific keywords or publish new content to build a user base, or re-purpose old or under-performing content.
Create a Mission Statement

Know your business. Spend more time working on a message that relates to the world and to the people you aim to target. Who you are, your stand, what you can offer and why should they care. Treat this as something you need to spread to help your message grow among the internet and wherever the customers can find you.

Create a User Persona

Know your customer.

You may have vague ideas of who your target audience is, but the trick is to design an effective and tailor fit target content strategy to figure out how an audience can be reached. How does one do that? By creating user personas.

Its impossible to guess what everyone wants and to be available to all people. The easiest way to go about developing targeted campaign is to simply design your ideal customer or user, find out who they are, what they might need and want, where they could possibly hang out, spend time on and offline, and most importantly, how they want to be reached out and marketed to. Good user personas are basically founded on real research and demographics.

So how to create a content strategy?

Similar to products and services, the best content begins with a targeted set of questions with the goal to solve specific problems. These problems may consist of factors such as:

Increase traffic to your blog or website
How to get costumer to subscribe to the newsletter
How to get people to download your e-book or app
How to get people to pay for a subscription service
How to get people to buy your course, product or service
Sign up for conference
The Power of Deep Research

When conceptualizing with your own content strategy, you may consider your creativity and do things that will show what makes you great apart from the competitors. You may want to use examples of effective successful content to inspire and motivate you, but it is not really necessary to reinvent someone else’s work. Start with the basics and study both you and your competitor brands and know what has worked in the past, and what is currently working, what failed, and what you would like to explore and own it.

Target audience and user base will be based on the specifics of your market. Add some mysterious ways of modern technology, social media, and strategic content marketing. With all these, your marketing will likely evolve and grow on a regular basis. Make it a point to stay on top and research on today’s trend and best practices.

The Data

Data can be overwhelming as most organizations collect more on their users and customers. The key to making the most of the data is to link in to perform what you may need to tweak but not letting it dictate your whole strategy. Here is what to look for in analytics data:

Know where your traffic is coming from. It may be from browsers, search engines, mobile, desktop and demographic data. It may also come from a specific piece of content from what social media brought to your website.
The length your visitor stayed
The action they took once they got into your site
Traffic patterns and changes in user activity
There are no absolutes. Keep an eye on your targeted audience and their activity. Your user behavior may refine and improve your content strategy as you go. Then, look at the numbers in context and figure out how they can affect your short and long term goals.

Tools to help increase your content strategy

Content marketing’s most powerful medium is the marketing world. Now, there are many tools available that can help in performing research, designing or downloading templates for content plans, formats and even calendars. There are helpful tools for keyword research for starters:


A content management system and website builder with personal, enterprise, and self-hosting option at

Google Analytics

Provide detailed status on website traffic, user demographics and behavior.


Brand analyzing content performance tool that performs competitor research and other tools for influencer marketing

It has all in options for distributing social media content and other tracking performance along with other multiple platforms


Personalizes and designs custom newsfeed and connect with social networks


Creates detailed keyword research and analytics on Search Engine Optimization performance and other competitors.

Marketers. For starters can create audiovisual content to better introduce and get products. There are many tools and references available. However, there are no difficult and quick rules as what you have to use, especially when you are just getting started, creating your message and crafting your own user personas. With content marketing strategy, you most likely engage in a bit of trial and error to find the tool that is best suitable for your needs and can help your message relay to your target audience.

This high ticket sales funnel will quickly ramp up your content marketing campaign.

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