Your home wireless signals depend on a router, which broadcasts signals to allow you to connect to the web. Every WiFi router has a limited range, which can make things a little tricky if the distance from one end to another is substantial.

Set up WiFi extender can boost your home WiFi router's signal to reach those remote areas of your home in a surprisingly easy manner.

Netgear EX7000 WiFi Extender Setup

Netgear EX7000 WiFi range extender is easy to set up. The toughest part is to choose where to place your range extender. If you had a WiFi for few minutes, then probably you are in the dead zones in your home, but even if you select the wrong spot, you can unplug it and move it to a new location.

Most WiFi routers come with an application that can use to go through the installation process, and the instructions for getting to that app are usually included in the setup procedure that came with the Netgear EX7000 WiFi range extender.

WiFi Extender Setup Procedure

EX7000 is one of the popular WiFi extenders. It may help to take a look at its extender setup process specifically. The default web address for a Netgear WiFi extender is mywifiext net. By typing it into a web browser, you can customize the WiFi extender settings through the extender admin panel.

When you plug-in your range extender and it's active, try to move to Netgear extender setup page. Enter the default login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions.

Connecting to a WiFi Range Extender

Plug-in the range extender into an electric outlet. Now, try to connect the device with it to use the web. Don't forget to connect your any printer or smart devices to WiFi extender that you regularly use in your home.

Understanding Your Netgear EX7000 WiFi Range Extender

As you go through the WiFi extender setup steps, pay attention to the manual. Netgear EX7000 is a simple device, but they usually have indicators to make things handy. The WiFi extender will indicate the strength of its connectivity to your home WiFi router, alerting you if you need to move it a much better zone within your home.

WiFi Repeater V/S WiFi Extender

When you are looking for a WiFi extender, it is important to select the correct device for you. There is a slight difference between a WiFi range extender and a WiFi repeater. Unlike a WiFi range extender, which is designed to extender your home WiFi router coverage area, a repeater simply 'repeats' the connection from your existing WiFi router by using two wireless routers.

With a wireless repeater, you can go for a new extender setup or set up of an additional router in the dead network zones within your home. Your existing WiFi router can transfer the signal to the second WiFi router, where it then broadcasts the wireless signal to that area, effectively enhancing the network coverage area.

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