The word secret might put many wrong things in one’s mind, but here secret information means things kept hidden from the public. Knowledge is power and we are made weak by keeping information that concerns us.

While the government and other corporates call this security of the general public, one can’t understand how information in a demcratic country can hurt its citizens. The world came to realize the importance of knowledge when Edward Snowden revealed many secrets with proper proof.

The world also saw how on many different occasions hackers were given severe unjust punishments. This means that sharing information that can actually make a difference is no piece of cake.

However, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t even talk about things that aren’t as serious. It’s not like anyone would have such powerful information. You will find many people sharing the secrets behind their lives, societies, and professions on the website of John Doe that show us the world isn’t the way we see it.

If you have any such information, you need to register yourself on such platforms and share your stories. They always do their own research to check the credibility of each article before publishing it. Moreover, their policies restrict them to share any contributor’s information.

If you are not sure about the platform, you should use a fake email address and a VPN when sending that email. This would ensure that no one can track your location or personal information.

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