How To Show Your Wife You Love Her: How To Show My Wife I Love Her More Than Anything

You're wondering how to show your wife that you love her. You two have been married for a time now and you're concerned that she isn't fully aware of how much you care for her. You've been left wondering based on her actions. Maybe she seems a bit distant or perhaps she's been making up excuses for why she can't spend as much time with you anymore. Regardless, you're feeling that things within the relationship are shifting and it has you very worried.

Learning how to show your wife that you love her is all about making her feel cherished and adored. She felt that when you two were dating and in the early days of your marriage. That was likely due to the fact that she was your number one priority. Nothing came before her and you focused as much of your time and attention on her that you could. That's changed now and although it's understandable, it will impact your marriage. Even though you have to tend to your work, to helping balance the family budget, to parenting and to fixing things around the home, your wife has to fit in there somewhere. You must make a strong effort to make her your main focus in life so she feels important and connected to you.

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Some men may think that means that they need to run out and buy their wife flowers or start reciting romantic poetry to her. Those things definitely can't hurt the situation, but that's not where your energy should be directed. Your wife needs and wants you to do small and meaningful things for her. That can include anything from making her coffee in the morning to drawing her a bath after she comes home from work so she can relax. You need to concentrate on the little things that will make her life easier.

Another important thing to remember when you are trying to understand how to show your wife that you love her is to listen more to her. Women need and want to be heard by their husbands. She wants to know that you are just as interested in what she has to say as she is in what you have to share with her. A woman feels validated when her husband doesn't try and excuse himself from discussions about feelings. Your wife has things she needs to share with you and it's important that you engage yourself fully in those discussions. Every woman wishes she was able to claim that her husband was attentive and responsive to her needs. Become that man for her and she'll have no doubt that you love her.

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There is a common custom in our society that men often succumb to that drains the intimacy right out of their marriage. This custom states that men should open the door for a lady and that men should lift and carry things for a lady.

That's all good and fine. I believe men should be gentlemen and women should be ladies. However, there are far too many cases where the man long ago ALLOWED himself to be PUSHED WAY BEYOND being a gentleman and into the category of indentured servant.

In other words, what was an appropriate custom meant to show respect to a lady has been transformed into an INAPPROPRIATE unspoken agreement where the man is a SERVANT by virtue of marriage.

The more females there are in the house, the more this tends to be true. It's quite common to see a household of females - including quite young girls - driving and directing "Dad without any regard or respect for him because that's what they see "Mom" doing.

"Dad" is just supposed to "do" everything for everybody...and he passively does it...soon, he's viewed as someone who is at a the beck and call of others...soon, he's treated like a doormat that everyone can use to wipe their feet on.

What was a good thing has become a very bad thing. It's particularly bad because now "Dad" is NOT the man that "Mom" can look up to and admire, respect, and be attracted to. Rather he's someone she looks down upon.

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Now, he's someone she has maternal or paternal feelings for.

Now, he's someone she DEFINITELY DOES NOT have romantic feelings for. He has after all, become nothing more than an "indentured servant".

Now, he's in a sexless marriage.

Even worse, the daughters in these homes grow up and THEY propagate even more sexless marriages...

...and more divorces and more affairs.

If you can relate, then I suggest that you immediately stop being a "servant". I suggest you stop rewarding and catering to those who disrespect you or use you.

By all means, be helpful to those who are respectful and appreciative. But, DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for those who are disrespectful and inappreciative. Let them know that when they choose to be respectful and appreciative, then you'll be happy to be helpful. But until then, NOTHING!

Those who are used to "using" you won't like it. They'll get mad. They'll throw fits. They'll scream and holler. They'll issue all sorts of threats. They'll criticize and condemn you.

Just let them blow and you stand your ground.

And remember, there are two sides to being a gentleman... One side is respectful and appreciative of a lady. The other side COMMANDS respect and appreciation FROM a lady.

Make sure BOTH sides are in place and up to par.

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I know that this is a hurtful thing for any married person to hear from the person they married! I have heard it all from my wife! She hated me, she didn't love me anymore and she wanted a divorce. This was a number of years ago and yet we are still married and are actually happier than we ever thought possible!

There are a number of steps that you must take if you want to repair an unhappy marriage. I didn't invent these steps. I discovered them after doing nearly everything wrong and my marriage nearly ending.

1. I had to get myself out of the emotional state I was in. (anger, confusion, jealousy, hurt, depression etc.) and put myself in a much more resourceful state.

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2. I had to recognize and avoid the common critical mistakes I had been making that nearly cot me the chance to save my marriage.

3. I had to end the blame game. Blaming myself or my wife was not going to repair our unhappy marriage.

4. I had to dedicate myself 100% to saving my marriage because she wasn't willing at least at the time.

5. I had to take immediate action even if it seemed like the complete opposite of what I should be doing. There were things that I learned to do and say that completely changed the dynamics of the relationship and turned things around.

By taking these 5 steps, I was able to soon see changes in my wife, changes in our marriage and changes in myself. This approach is unique from anything that you will typically hear in counseling because it treats the marriage and not the individuals. The marriage becomes almost like a third person. This is a much better model to work from.

Time is not on your side though, and waiting and hoping for things to get better is a big mistake! Statistics show that the longer people wait to address marital problems, the less likely they are to be successful.

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Decide that you're going to put your marriage on the front burner for a while. Take some time off of work, and have your spouse do the same. Go someplace quiet, away from the daily pressures of your lives, and TALK. Get your problems out into the open.

Decide here an now that you're not going to allow these problems to grow any bigger. Face the issues head on; if you wait, they're going to grow, and not into something beautiful. Minor hiccups become major problems, so tackle them while they're manageable. Nothing ever got fixed when it was ignored.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If the root of your problems is monetary, has out a financial strategy that you can both get behind. Financial issues are one of the top sources of marital discord, but if both of you agree on what you want and where you want to go, you can map out a plan to get there. Knowing and agreeing in financial expectations and strategies will keep any surprises out of the mix.

Make a commitment to make time for each other. While it's easy to let the "couple" get lost in the whirlwind of job and family, you must nourish your relationship if you expect it to grow. Time spent together doesn't have to be fancy or expensive; the only requirement is that, for that space of time, you can concentrate on each other.

There are solutions. There is hope for a faltering marriage, if you're willing to do the work and make the sacrifices. It's time to stop blaming, stop wallowing, and start working to reclaim your love and your relationship. How to save a marriage isn't a pipe dream; it it within your grasp.

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