Do you know the right techniques to getting a good sleep? Well, I do. That is why I am writing this article today. I want to share my knowledge on the certain techniques that I used to cure my insomnia once and for ALL! In addition, these techniques on how to sleep well are proven to be effective by many other patients who are suffering from insomnia too!

So what’s the technique on how to get a good sleep then?

Here are the techniques to “how to sleep well?”
How to sleep well technique #1: Fly free of jet lag
In the days when world travel meant crossing the sea in an ocean liner and not by plane, our bodies would gradually cross time zones, and our internal clock would be in sync with the environment. Well, we kissed those days goodbye a long time ago.

As technology advances, we now jet across time zones in hours and not days, and hence, we often experience an unsettling feeling called circadian misalignment whereby our internal clock is out of sync with the external environment. Because our internal clock controls many of the body’s functions, jet lag can leave you with digestive problems, headaches, and of course, insomnia. Furthermore, it can also cause many problems with memory, attention span, judgment, and communication, all especially troubling for business travelers.

The time of day that you travel, the direction, and of course, the distance all factor into how jet lag might affect your daily activities. Traveling from east to west tends to be easier on our bodies simply because we’re heading into the sun.

Generally, our internal clock resets itself about one time zone per day. Hence, to help matters along, you must decrease the loss of energy that comes from jet lag.

Here are a few tips that you can take:
Be well rested
Don’t start the trip with sleep debts. You had be surprised to find that many people overlook this part of the anti-jet lag program and run themselves ragged right before leaving for vacation.
Drink beverages wisely
Since re-circulated air is dehydrating, drink as much water as possible before you take flight. A good idea is to drink at least a few of those small bottles the airlines give out.

How to sleep well technique #2: Buy a comfortable mattress
Poor sleep = low energy. Hence, if you are not getting the sleep you need, an outdated and uncomfortable mattress may be the culprit. If you have hung on to the same mattress for more than ten years – or if you are waking up feeling stiff and sore – then it’s time to go mattress shopping. A new mattress can do many wonders including getting you a high quality sleep during the night. And a high quality sleep means that it can do wonders for your energy level throughout the day too! However, finding the right mattress is like finding the right mate, you need to choose the right one as what’s perfect for one person might be all wrong for the next.

So … Why wait? Act now and start using these techniques to help you sleep better throughout the night! In addition, I would strongly urge you to read my other articles related to insomnia as I have written more than 2 techniques that can cure your insomnia instantly and efficiently with ease.

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