How to Speak In Public: How to Get Over Fear of Public Speaking

If you are in front of a large group of people to deliver your first public speech it may be natural for you to experience your knees wobbling. This is natural especially if this is your first, and you will experience fear, anxiety, and what people will define as stage fright. However, your career may need for you to deliver presentations or deliver a speech in functions that your company will have. A public speech is one where you give a long talk to a group of people, with intentions to inform or entertain. To have these skills it is important for you to attend public speaking seminars, in order to acquire these skills.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Learn to Conquer Fear and Anxiety When In front of People

Learn the causes of anxiety when it is your first time to speak in front of people, and also learn how to overcome these fear and anxiety. Stage fright is not only those experienced by some people but it is a common occurrence to most, but this can be overcome. A person may be already exposed to meeting large crowds or his attitude is one where fear is not in his being. This person may not experience anxiety when in front of people, even for the first time. However, most people may not have this attitude. Attend public speaking seminars and you will learn the techniques in handing yourself in front of people.

Learn the Most Effective Public Speaking Techniques

Public speaking may not be the natural thing for most people and the tendency to experience fear is only normal. However, there are ways and methods to overcome these feelings. Practice and more practice may however teach you how to overcome this feeling. Effective speaking in public and having people appreciate what you are doing, is not an easy thing to do. It is not only delivering your speech with the right kinds of words, and it will take you more than this. There are techniques to do this, and attending public speaking seminars will give you more information on how to get these techniques. An effective speaker will have his audience feel comfortable, and you will learn the techniques on how to do this.

Be an Effective Public Speaker and Not a Lecturer

An effective public speaker is one who will not have his audience bored. Learn how to be an effective speaker and not a lecturer, and the people listening to your speech will not get bored. Techniques to do this will not just be available anywhere but you can have these techniques when you attend public speaking seminars. When you are speaking in public you need to connect with your audience and to build a relationship with them. When you are already doing this, your audience will feel comfortable and have more tendencies to fully understand what you are talking.

Feeling nervous when you are having your first speech is normal. Be comfortable with this because it is not only you who experience this feeling. However, you can overcome this feeling by attending public speaking seminars and learning the techniques. Do more practice and you will be the confident speaker in due time.

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Severe anxiety attacks are pretty alarming because it is a serious type of anxiety problem. It is an anxiety problem that often needs immediate attention or better yet solution.

Yes, I would say it really requires the use of medications in order to lessen the pain or trouble you are facing as the attack sets in. However, natural therapy or treatment is still a better remedy. The more serious it gets, the more you need to start implementing natural treatment. It is basically because this said therapy or treatment will certainly solve your whole problem against anxiety.

After all, you really wanted a genuine and absolute healing, right? So, you better start doing some routine that is related to natural treatment or therapy. These are as follows: cognitive brain training, healthy diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, relaxation techniques and the like.

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These kinds of activities contribute to living a healthier lifestyle which is actually very important in the process of eradicating anxiety from your system. It is mainly because anxiety attack actually roots from poor lifestyle that resulted to a weak nervous system.

With that being said, treatment must address the root of the problem instead of simply lessening the pain. The remedy for anxiety attack is way too simple. All it needs is your self-discipline to maintain the said way of living. A life away from too much of almost everything such as: alcohol, caffeine, and more.

For it is only when you choose to lead a less stressful lifestyle that your brain could eventually rebuild itself. Once the brain or nervous system reconstructs itself successfully, it will then result to total healing of your anxiety attack. All of these will only be possible if you start changing your way of living, now.

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Acute anxiety, also referred to as panic disorder, is a psychological condition characterized by a sudden attack of overwhelming fears that is accompanied by symptoms that are like those of a heart attack. The symptoms of acute anxiety include breathlessness, sickness to the stomach, heart palpitations, chest pains, dizziness, cold and hot flushes. Unreasonable fears of death combine with the symptoms of panic disorder, making the attack a very terrifying experience for any individual under it.

People who have experienced a traumatic event in their past are likely to develop acute anxiety. Research has shown that women have twice the chance to develop this condition than men.

A panic attack is usually short; it may last up to ten minutes, but lasts for about half an hour in some rare cases. People who are under an attack may be moody and solitary because of the fear and worry they have in their minds. Anxiety attacks are considered the most frightening moments in the lives of those who experience them; some even think that they are going to die or to go crazy.

The causes of acute anxiety can be attributed to a lot of things. Phobias, traumas, and personal losses are some of the things that trigger a panic attack. When a person is faced with something that is really frightening, the natural reaction will be an acute anxiety. People who are too tensed and stressed out are the ones who are prone to getting this kind of condition.

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The best way to refrain anxiety attacks from taking place is to start within oneself. It is okay to feel stressed out with a lot of things, but overstressing about them is very dangerous for you. Evaluate the care you are giving yourself. If you feel that you are neglecting your own health, you may have to reduce your daily activities so that you have time to unwind, relax, and feel good. If you have issues and traumatic experiences, you may have to consult a psychologist to help you get over them. People who bottle up their feelings are likely to develop this disorder. Talk to a family member, a friend, or a counselor so that you do not keep your feelings just to yourself. You also have to realize that your fears should not get the best of you. A way to treat anxiety disorder is to face your fears realistically, once you realize that your fears do not pose a potential danger, you will gain control over them and reduce the anxiety you are feeling.

If you still cannot regain control of your life because of your panic attacks, you have to seek the help of a doctor so that you know what specific treatment is best for you. The treatment to your anxiety disorder will be based on how long you've had it and how severe it is. You should realize that anxiety disorders are absolutely treatable and it is better if you have the treatment the soonest possible time.

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Overcoming health anxiety is often made harder than it needs to be, simply because a few simple rules are broken. One of these fundamental rules that should never be broken is investigating your own physical symptoms on Google. This is a road to disaster, and the sooner you get off it, the sooner your health anxiety will lose its grip on you.

Googling your symptoms is done with good intentions: you're worried about a physical symptom that you have, and want to reassure yourself that it's nothing serious, so you look it up online and you typically find what you're looking for - an answer to what your symptom is, and the reassurance that it's not a sign of a terrible disease or illness.

But the trouble is, as someone with an anxiety disorder, you can't switch off that easily, and the logical part of your mind is overpowered by all the "what ifs."

This invariably compels you to continue researching your symptoms online, and you'll keep this up until it leads you somewhere terrible.

As the compulsion to investigate your symptoms worsens, you'll discover that you can link even the most harmless symptom to all kinds of unthinkable diseases and illnesses. This creates a vicious circle of panic/research/new symptom/more panic. And if the cycle is not broken, life can become very unpleasant.

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So how do you stop this habit of "Googling" your symptoms?

If you're a habitual Googler, then they key is to wean yourself off it slowly. Going "cold turkey" is never easy, whatever the behaviour you're trying to stop, so don't try an all-out stop.

Begin to limit the time you allow yourself to spend online. At first, make this an easy target to achieve. And then slowly, over time, reduce the amount of time you allow yourself to read up on your symptoms. The key is to make each target achievable so you can successfully stick to it, and only when you're able to stick to it consistently should you reduce your time further.

This may seem like a slow approach, but eventually, by taking these small steps, you'll completely wean yourself off your need to Google your symptoms.

While you're going through your "detox," it might be a good idea to visit a health anxiety forum from time to time. You'll find like-minded people there, and many of them will be able to reassure you that whatever symptom you have is due to your anxiety, and not a terrible disease.

If you choose to go down this health anxiety forum road then carry out a similar "weaning" process away from the forum once you've successfully overcome your need to "Google" your symptoms.

By following the above advice, and by stopping your need to look up your physical symptoms online, you'll be much closer to finally overcoming health anxiety.

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