From time to time, we all face different types of health problems in our life. Mostly minor ailments bother us but sometimes real life threatening diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, cancer etc., frighten us. If you realize that the dragon of death is fast approaching you to take away your life, what would be your immediate reaction? Would you surrender or fight with your full force? There are many stories of brave people who defeated death even when there was little hope of their survival.

I had suffered two massive heart attacks in March 2003 and in December 2006. On both these occasions, doctors told me that it was a matter of only minutes between my life and death. I kept myself alive till I reached hospital and doctors started operating on me. I again suffered a lesser degree of heart attack last month (April 2011). On all these occasions, I recovered quickly because I used my inner healing powers to defeat the disease. My family was in great distress on all these occasions but I told them smilingly: “I am alive and fine, nothing to worry about.”

There are, in fact, two ways of speeding up your healing process. One, taking your doctor’s advice seriously; and two, having confidence that you will be getting well soon.

I am giving below some useful tips, from my own personal experience, that will be helpful in your quick recovery from any illness, minor or fatal:

1. You must have full faith in your doctor’s professional abilities. If you are in doubt, change the doctor.

2. Before taking medicines wait for a moment and say to yourself: “I am taking the best and highly effective medicines prescribed by my expert doctor. After taking these medicines, I will be feeling better in a few hours.”

3. Every morning repeat these sentences many times: “I am feeling better than yesterday. My health is improving. There is nothing to worry about.”

4. Tell your friends and family members about your illness in a humorous way. Don’t show them your gloomy face. Keep smiling and tell them confidently that you are recovering rapidly.

5. If your medical reports are bad, don’t panic. Keep your hopes high and remain confident that after a few days treatment your reports will start showing positive signs.

6. Your positive attitude has the power to significantly boost your recovery. Living with hope cheerfully is much better than living hopelessly in self-pity.

7. Overcome your illness tactfully and skillfully. Keep your spirits high and don’t let the negative thoughts keep you worried. Any kind of negativity can prolong your illness.

8. Cleanliness is an important factor in defeating the disease. Keep your hands, mouth and body clean. If possible, take bath everyday and change your clothes daily.

9. If you are a believer, then pray to God for your good health and ask your friends to also remember you in their prayers. Seeking God’s help is always beneficial.

10. If your condition deteriorates to such an extent that there remains no chances of your survival, even then I will suggest that you need not lose heart. Say good bye with a big smile on your face. In this way, you will give the world a clear message that you had fulfilled your mission gracefully and now leaving this world peacefully.

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