Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has a lot in store for you – travelers. With splendid natural beauty, glorious past, superb architectures and throbbing nightlife, this city can easily mesmerize you. Tourist infrastructure of Thailand has been expanded into the provinces, with continuous growth in holiday resort centers in Pattaya, Phuket and Hat yai. The city has an abundance of vacation attractions; visit to them can take you to realm – a realm of spirituality, frolic and thrill. This article explains you some of these attractions, and gives you some tips on how enjoy your trip to Bangkok to its fullest.

1. Explore the sheer grace of its mesmerizing Monuments: Bangkok is speckled with numerous historical monuments – Buddha temples, shrines, mosques and royal palaces, which have their own charisma and historical significance. You can visit to the Grand Palace (the official residence of King of Thailand), Wat Pao, Wat Phra Kaew (statue of mythical kinnon) and Democracy Monuments to explore architecture beauty and a spiritual and peaceful environment.

2. Get immersed with colorful Thai culture: when Bangkok if talked about, it’s hard to ignore its vivid, colorful cultures. Participating in interesting Thai events, you will feel that you’re a part of this country. However, you can also enjoy an enchanting performance of local performers in various tourist restaurants, dance clubs, theatres and classic musical centers. If you’re an art-lover, there are several art galleries where you can see traditional Thai paintings, canvases, ancient artifacts and twenty-first-centaury abstracts.

3. Enjoy the late-night parties: Tour package to Bangkok is famous for its full moon parties held on its magnificent beaches and never-sleeping nightlife options – bars, clubs and discos. Whether you love to dance widely on the beach, lose your senses in rocking party in disco, or revel in an old fashioned tropical ecstasy, Bangkok will never disappoint you.

4. Get high with unending sports: Offering unending sports opportunities, a tour package to Bangkok can make you spend your time playing your favorite sports. If you love water sports like windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, diving and swimming, Jomtein Beach, Phuket beach and North Pattaya beach are the best places for you. There are several tennis courts, bowling lanes, Shooting ranges and golf courses too in/around the city. You can go and enjoy your favorite sports.

5. Shopping & dining: Apart from sightseeing, shopping and dining are also the great options to spend some quality time in Bangkok. Delicious local cuisines and fresh sea food in Bangkok has an internationally famous reputation. And offering great shopping opportunities, tour package to Bangkok can make you shop in some of world-renowned shopping arcades of the city. However, local markets and unorganized shops also provide good shopping opportunities.

A tour package to Bangkok has ample of opportunities to mesmerize you. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the websites of some reputable tour agencies, and check what they offer in their Thailand packages. Considering your requirements and budget, you can select the one to match your buying criteria.

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