Sunday nights can be totally depressing – not many full-time workers would disagree. Not only are the weekend's fun times over and the seemingly endless work week looming, but it's time to put away the party shoes, pretty dresses, comfortable jeans and stylish blouses and haul out the boring old corporate uniform once again. Having to work all week is bad enough, without having to feel profoundly un-stylish while you're at it, but, ladies, it doesn't need to be that way! These days there are dozens of acceptable ways to spice up the basic office wear and make sure you feel chic every day of the week. Here are just a few ways to take your corporate uniform from eyesore to eye-catching:

Scarves: A quick look across any air hostess uniform will exemplify how much a scarf or cravat can add elegance and style to a work outfit, but it's not only air hostesses who can have all the fun with scarves. The addition of a multicolored silk, printed or knitted neck scarf can be a wonderful way to add vibrancy to a drab corporate uniform and a scarf is an item that can be worn in any season and in any context from work to play.

Fancy stockings: For the skirt wearers out there, stockings offer a terrific opportunity for adding a personal touch to the standard corporate uniform. Whether your taste is for lace, silk sheers, dark navy, pink tones, beige ribbed, back seamed, control brief, fishnet or bow design, your legs can be a canvas on which to paint your individuality in the work day and add a stylish edge to your dress.

Colored shoes:

Don't get so caught up in the standard corporate uniform style that you forget what significant assets your feet can be in terms of adding a fashionable slant to your work outfit. Women love their shoes, perhaps only second to chocolate, so don't underestimate the workplace as a reason to indulge in a bit of adventurous shoe-shopping! Colored, textured and cut-away high heels, ankle and high boots can add some serious 'vavavoom' to any corporate uniform.

Jewellery and other accessories: Finally, let's not forget the power of jewellery and other accessories such as decorative hair clips, ties and head-scarves to lift a corporate uniform outfit off the ground. A twinkly necklace, ring or dangly earrings can add a much-needed sparkle to the daily grind and inject some feminine glamour into the standard corporate garb.

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