Every company, big or small, aspires to have a professional looking website that brings them closer to their potential and existing clients and give a perfect boost to their business. To get positive results, hiring a professional web designer, who understands your requirements and delivers great results, becomes necessary.

Some common traits of a good web designer are discussed below:

IMAGINATION- A website design, to be successful, needs to be unique and attractive. If the web designer has low imagination quotient, the website design would not yield any positive results for your business. Through imagination, the web designer can transform even a plain looking website into a website that is loved by the search engines and the users alike.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS- The way a web designer communicates his ideas to the clients is a clear indicator of his confidence level and the ability to take on any kind of website design projects. The web designer should be able to explain the complex technical website design process to the clients who may not have technical knowledge. Clear communication also ensures that there are no discrepancies in the planned design and the actual website design.

ABILITY TO TAKE CRITICISM- Often a web design has to deal with difficult clients and if he knows the tactics to deal with them, it would only be good for him. Sometimes even when your side of the work is perfect, some clients tend to pin point at minute issues, and that may hurt. However, a good web designer is that who can take criticism is his stride and try to improve further improve his work.

OPTIMISM- Even the most successful web designers encounter failures more than once in their career. Optimism is one trait that keeps them going and giving them a reason to carry on and achieve perfection. While this is not just limited to web design, optimism helps in completing difficult tasks in a short period of time and achieving best results.

PROFICIENCY IN USING WEBSITE DESIGN TOOLS- This is the most obvious characteristic of a web designer. If he is not skilful enough to use the web design tools and is not aware of the latest developments in the domain, working with him should not be part of your agenda. Moreover, the designer should also be keen on learning about new technologies and tools that can help in creating better and functional websites.

ARTISTIC STREAK- A web designer is different from graphic designer, yet artistic nature can help him develop beautiful and visually appealing websites. Just as important as functionality and navigation, the aesthetic feel of the website also determines its success.

SEO KNOWLEDGE- Working on the search engine optimisation is not the job of a web designer, yet there are many aspects in website design that must include SEO strategies. Thus, a brief knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques and strategies can help the designer in creating a search engine-friendly website.

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