This year, 2020, represents a time for holidays to be celebrated in ways many of us are unaccustomed. During a time when many people still consider themselves “high risk,” not wanting to mix socially, sharing holiday cheer can become a bit of a challenge. So, if we are unable to meet in normal size gatherings of people, as we have in previous years, what are some methods that we can use to safely stay in touch?

1. If your loved one has a laptop or smartphone, consider doing a video chat. Seeing each other’s faces and expressions without a mask can go a long way with joyful conversations to lift spirits during this Christmas season.

2. Consider mailing an old-fashioned Christmas card and enclose a personal letter and photos. This is an old custom, but many people cherish receiving a personal letter, and getting photos included is even better.

3. Consider sending a gift of holiday food or beverage. You can pack and send individually or have the manufacturer send it directly, including your personal holiday greeting.

4. Create a collage from old pictures on a poster or in an album from past events that you have enjoyed participating with them at during previous years. This is a special gift that can be touched and will be cherished for years to come.

5. The above idea may also be done using pictures from your phone for an online presentation for those who are more technically savvy.

I hope this article has given you a few ideas to spread holiday cheer and share love with those during the 2020 holiday season! May God bless you and give you peace!

Author's Bio: 

Linda S. Plunkett, PhD, is the author of Supernatural Rescue: From Broken to Beautiful, a book written about her having undergone brain surgery after a tumor the size of a tennis ball was discovered growing in the frontal lobe of her brain. A licensed counselor, Linda offers private, one-on-one, online (video) counseling sessions at