Duvet covers are ridiculously popular in Europe and around the globe, dating back two hundred years ago. Currently, they are extremely popular in Northern Europe and are becoming even more popular in the United States. The duvet cover engulfs a comforter filled with down and is used to preserve it as best as possible. In the United States, people usually use a duvet cover to accompany other linens. Duvet covers are a great way for people to change the color scheme in a room or adjust it to a more modern look. Additionally, it is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. I have found many places that I like to shop for duvet covers mentioned below.

One place that I have found that offers a great quality product, while still being affordable, is Echelon Home, an online linen store (http://www.echelonhome.com). If you do not want to go to a physical location, or do not have the time, I would definitely check them out. They offer high quality linens and luxury duvet covers all online, so you never have to leave the comfort of your home! From their customer service representative, I learned that a duvet cover should be made from fabric that is sturdy, yet also light, and 300 thread count is truly the optimal weight. And, Echelon Home provides all of this with their duvets. Additionally, Echelon's designs are chic and cutting-edge and would be a great addition to any bedroom that needs that extra something. Echelon Home's Cabana style is personally my favorite. It comes in taupe and navy. It really makes me feel like I own a summer home right on the beach in Newport. Also, it is printed on 300 single ply Egyptian cotton sateen, adding an extra layer of comfort.

One more great point, that I want to make sure is really driven home, about Echelon is their customer service. I really want to highlight the fact that this was my first purchase of a duvet and I truly had no idea what was the best or most practical for my needs. The customer service representative really walked me through the process and various advantages and disadvantages of the thread counts and styles. For instance, I learned that maybe toning down the patterns in my sheets was probably necessary if I wanted to buy a duvet cover. Otherwise, I run the risk of having too much going on in my room. I was really appreciative of this and will definitely be ordering from them again soon!

Another place that I enjoy shopping for duvet covers and linens from is Bed, Bath & Beyond. I recently visited one of their physical stores and was pleasantly surprised at the number of options available for purchase. Additionally, I thoroughly appreciated the markers above each aisle describing what to look for in each product. This "how-to" was very informative and helped me navigate between the many options. I am excited to see what products they get in for the spring time, as I am currently looking for a new duvet cover for that season.

Finally, I enjoy looking and perusing magazines such as "Martha Stewart Living" when looking for new linens and ways to spruce up my home. While these are often hard to replicate, I feel that they are able to help guide me to new, fresh ideas. Also, sometimes they just get my gears rolling in the right direction.

You should definitely try one of these outlets soon to help you decorate your home!

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My name is Amy Cliffton and I am a marketing professional who lives in NY. I love decorating and celebrity gossip.