Collecting coupons and organizing them is a way for you to cut back on costs when shopping for everything from toiletries to all of the food your family eats throughout each month. Many coupons can be stacked or combined, allowing you to double or triple the savings with each purchase. By collecting more coupons and stacking as many as possible, you may find yourself paying nearly next to nothing for the merchandise you are purchasing.

When stacking a coupon, use 2 coupons (or more, depending on the scenario) for your purchase. To get a stack of coupon, you need a store coupon and at least one MFG. Coupon and then follow the conditions on each.

Types of coupons

  • What are the manufacturer's coupons?

Manufacturers produce and sell products for the stores. Manufacturers always distribute coupon to promote their products. For Manufacturer's coupons "Manufacturer's Coupon" are always displayed at the top of the coupons. The terms and conditions for manufacturer's coupons always indicate that one manufacturer's coupon can always be used for a purchased item.

  • What are the store coupon?

In many stores, buyers can always stack a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon when they purchase an item in the store. But how can a consumer know that the coupon they have is a store coupon? Coupons are always exclusive to the store that issues it, unless the store accepts coupon from competitors. The name of the store that distributed the coupon or the words "Store Coupon" is usually displayed at the top of the coupon.

Stack coupon

To effectively stack coupons and save unnecessary time in the store, it's always a good idea to create a shopping list at home and then compare items with coupons.

You should check your coupon file for coupons you have already collected. The goal is to find a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon for items on your list. If you need additional coupons, go to the coupon page of your grocery store. If you need coupons from other manufacturers, visit the article "Best websites with printable grocery coupons" to find more coupons. It is also helpful to do an online search for the article name followed by the word "coupon". There are also several websites with coupon databases that you can browse to find store and manufacturer coupons.

Check the conditions of the coupon you wish to exchange. If the coupon you have only requires you to get just three products then you will need to adjust your list accordingly. Once you have matched the coupons, you need to separate the two coupons i.e the store coupon from the manufacturer coupon. Separating the coupons in advance will help when it comes time to check out. You are now ready to go shopping. Remember to stick closely to your shopping list.

Example of coupon stacking

It is usually best to always hand over the store coupons before you hand over your manufacturer’s coupons. This usually creates less hassle and having to hear those annoying beeps.

Here is an example of how it may look:

Conditioner, $4.00
Use Store coupon to save $1.00
Use Manufacturer’s coupon to save $1.00
Final price: $2.00

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