What does it mean to stand out in a crowd? Is it just a matter of looking or acting different? That could be one way to stand out but you’ll never be a seven-figure earner if you look or act like a buffoon. Standing out in a crowd will get you noticed but standing apart in a crowd will make you a success. Being noticeable different than all those around you is not just about acting differently, but delivering something of value that is different than anyone else. This “something” must contain something that is meaningful to the recipient.

For example, if you’re in sales, it means that not only do you find a point of differentiation for the product or service that you sell but also that you find points of differentiation for how you interact with your customers in delivering this product or service. Successful sales professionals differentiate themselves by delivering value that they personally create. It’s not the same old “canned” approach that you might see from others in your profession. Super sales professionals have the ability to enhance information and the way it is presented to deliver something that is unexpected, surprising, valuable, and highly desired.

This ability comes from a concerted effort to continually develop your knowledge and skill sets, think outside the traditional box, and put yourself in the shoes of others to understand what is really important to the people that you are dealing with. Most importantly, it’s about having vision. You must be able to communicate to others information that is impactful not just now, but also in the future. This communication lays out the vision of how situations or lives can be enhanced by the value being delivered.

It takes courage to stand apart from the crowd. You must have a very strong sense of your identity in order to do so because you’ll be doing things that no one else has thought of and if they have, most won’t have the guts to follow through. It also takes trust. Some of it is trust in others but most of it is trust in you. You have to be able to trust that you won’t waver when someone looks at you strangely. You have to trust that you are completely confident in the vision that you are presenting to the other person. Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to weather the criticism that will always be there from others that lack the vision that you have.

Finally, whatever you decide to do, you must be consistent. Remember that you are building a brand for yourself. People will remember you for your actions and for the value that you deliver. Don’t disappoint them as they will develop certain expectations of behavior from you that they will look forward to.

Focus For Success!

Rich Greene

“Standing out from the crowd will open your eyes to new possibilities, and give you the secret to true happiness.”

“Don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt. Transitioning from fitting into standing out.”

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Richard B. Greene is business visionary, writer, and entrepreneur with more than 25+ years of experience driving double-digit revenue growth for start-up, turnaround, and high growth organizations. As a sales executive and trainer, he has mentored thousands of individuals in methods for the attainment of personal Peak Performance.

Rich is also a Ironman triathlete and avid ultra-marathon swimmer. He believes that athletic competition promotes discipline, dedication, focus, planning, the importance of hard work, humility, and the necessary elements for long term success. He combines the elements used by successful athletes with a focused approach to learning and change management that teaches business executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs how to tap into the power of their internal resources to achieve the greatest returns with the least amount of effort. His unique approach to development allows for exponentially greater success rates for learning than many traditional programs allowing rapid return on investment for both the company and the individual.

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