The topic may not be new, but it still does not lose its relevance especially in the midst of global recession. You may have searched some topics related to this, and you might have read the findings from studies or surveys about how to make money at zero costs. Yet, the question is: do they work? It would be better then to get to the root of the subject matter. You might as well think about specific proposals and ideas of how to start a business without spending even a penny.

Starting a business without money could mean that investment in developing a business can vary from zero (i.e. only your free time and hard work), to the highest limit of your financial capabilities, without the need to borrow, get a loan, and go on starvation. While most types of business need money, time and effort to succeed, you can also be successful with just two of the three requirements, namely time and effort.

Perhaps, you should consider the following ways of starting a business without money.

-Your business.

The most basic one to start a business with no money is by promoting someone else’s business or service. In this way, you will be handling the business as a promoter or marketer. You don’t need to spend much, nor buy the products. For example, consider this: find a good master on repair business of any sort, and agree with him about a certain percentage for each customer you refer. And you just have to look for those who want to repair their product, appliances, homes, gadgets, etc.

-Network marketing.

Once you have found or handled a business, then you may now proceed to marketing. Do not immediately get discouraged of this option. The concept of network marketing is not clear until you get a real one. This is truly the very basic way to start a business without money.
Just make sure you find a good company, and more importantly a good mentor.
Only with a good mentor you can truly learn how to build a business, and not a normal seller willing to hand their products.

Business on the Web.

Perhaps this is the most interesting option because the possibilities and alternatives are so many: from blogging, affiliate programs, infobusiness, forums, etc.

Affiliations are not required, for starters, you can even create a website for free.
You just have to spend time and effort when you decide to go online. Most importantly, you have to be patient, since the income will not be known right away to build your business on the Internet. It does not happen in a day, nor can the results be obtained on the next day.
All the options that I present here may not stimulate your interests, but what I am trying to convey in this article is the basics of starting a business at zero cost, whether online or on the field. You may have other options in mind, just make sure to set your mind into it and begin right away. You’ll never know what works until you have tried one.

Good luck and may you succeed in your business!

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