How to Start a Sexual Conversation with a Girl Without Sounding Awkward or Creepy.

Your conversation with a girl you’re interested in should be geared towards sexually suggestive topics.

In other words, if you’re talking to a girl you feel attraction for and want to get into a romantic relationship with, you will want to heat up your interaction with her as much as possible.

In addition to the friendly conversation you will be having with her, you have to heat up your conversation to bring you closer to an intimate bond.

The goal here is to introduce sexual tension and generate attraction with her.

Truth is, if you keep talking to a girl you’re interested in on the level of a friend, she will categorize you as a friend in her mind.

She will see you as just a friend, but not someone she feels sexually attracted to.

Now, the drawback to this is that, women or girls know that men want to have sex with them. So any tentative suggestion or advances from you can cause a woman to raise her defenses.

So how do you go about this? How do you start a sexual conversation with a girl without raising any red flags?

Exactly as the title says, in this article I teach you how to start a sexual conversation with a girl without sounding awkward or creepy.

You’ll learn the 3 best ways to introduce the topic of sex without telegraphing any interests.

Before you begin…

Know that, women love to talk about sex…

But most of them are reluctant to talk about it with men they don’t feel comfortable with, or don’t have an emotional connection with.

So before you initiate sexual topics with a woman or a girl, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first.

It’s even better if she’s giving you some indications of interest. For instance, when she’s playing with her hair, touching you, or leaning in close when conversing. [Read 68 Signs a Girl Gives Off That Signal Her Interest and Attraction for a Guy]

With that said, let’s get started… on how to start a sexual conversation with a girl.

Here’s how to start a sexual conversation with a girl

Talk about things from the sexual perspective:

Let’s say you’re talking about a movie.

Don’t tell her how much you liked it for its car chase and how some dude got to kick some more ass.

Instead, tell her about how you liked the love relationship between the characters. And how you loved the sensuality of their scenes together.

And then you ask her if there are any other movies that has affected her that way, and have her explain why.

Secondly, you have to feed her mind…

Slip in sexually charged words or phrases into your normal conversation with her.

A great way to do this is by using sexual innuendos or double entendre. This is when you say something innocent, yet can be deemed dirty or sexual.

For instance:

  • "Boy, this is really hard." (When you’re talking about a popsicle.)
  • "I didn’t come with her." (When you’re talking about a party you went to.)
  • "He almost rear-ended her." (When you’re talking about a car accident.)

Another effective way to gradually bring up sexual topics is to use “That’s what she said jokes”.

When she says something like:

  • "Put it inside"
  • "It’s much better when it's wet"
  • "Do you wanna come inside" (when she’s inviting you into her apartment)

…then you respond with:

  • "That’s what SHE said"

Or when she says something like…

  • "You’re making it hard (for me)"
  • "It’s getting really hard"
  • "I wanna eat the whole thing"

…then you respond with:

  • "That’s what HE said"

When she says something dirty on purpose, then tease her for having a dirty mind.

Of course, you don’t want to go into this territory during the early stages or when you’ve just met.

You start with superficial conversation, then build it up to a more sexual conversation.

Again, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first. Then you start using words that are sexually charged in your conversation.

And with time, she’ll be comfortable talking about sexual topics with you.

If she doesn’t play along, then she probably isn’t comfortable with you yet.

Next on how to start a sex conversation with a girl…

Bring up a sexual situation of a friend of yours

For instance:

You can tell her you have a female friend who is complaining that her boyfriend doesn’t like going down south during sex. And she thinks her boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of going down on her or isn’t taking the hints she’s giving him.

Now, ask her how women can suggest things like that to their men.

  • "So how do women hint that sort of thing?"

(You see what you’re doing here… you’re getting her to specifically talk about sex)

Now, if she talks freely on the subject of sex, then she’s comfortable discussing sexual situations with you.

And from here on, she’ll start initiating sexual conversations with you.

So there you have it… how to start a sex conversation with a girl.

Understand this: Don’t make the woman you’re talking to the subject of sexual conversation. Only talk about other people’s sexual situations.

Conclusion: How to start a sex conversation with a girl

If you can bring up sexual topics or start a sexual conversation with a girl in a way that doesn’t hint you want to sleep with her, she will be more interested and open to talking about sexual topics with you. (Again, women love to talk about sex)

And again, as mentioned earlier, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first.

Pay attention to her when using the above 3 tactics.

If you can tell she’s comfortable with such conversation and she plays along, take it further. But if not, back off a little and continue with your normal conversation.

When all’s said and done, when a woman is open to talking about sex, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to have sex with you. It means she’s comfortable around you.

So again, that’s how to start a sexual conversation with a girl.

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