Many beginners often struggle with the question- how to start Amazon FBA business. FBA is system or plan designed by Amazon. In here seller can sell their products from any corner of the world just by subscribing at amazon seller group.

Amazon made a strong fulfillment network where a seller can store products in its centers. Amazon would pick the products, pack and ship it the customers. Through the Amazon, sellers get the maximum amount of response to sell their products. It's an excellent opportunity to expand your business and reach out to more customers. You can use Amazon FBA calculator for your FBA calculation.

How to start Amazon FBA Business

Follow these process to start Amazon FBA business. This is pretty much basic.

• One- Find a wholesaler after finding a suitable product to sell. You can get help from websites like Alibaba. Once you see an appropriate option to start the conversation with the seller and discuss the product, size, quantity, etc.

• Two- You have to buy some sample products or prototype of that particular item to run the test and check out the quality. Buy the Universal Product Code (UPC) which is the number of the bar code.

• Three- Finalize the business like, negotiate the price, minimum order quantity, etc. also make them agree with FOB (freight on board). Which means they will pay all the costs before stock the load in the ship.

• Four- Count all the cost involved in this business like manufacturing, freight forward, customs, Amazon fees, and taxes. And find you can still make money/profit on this project or not. If yes, go and do the dell.

• Five- To get the stock to your country/place find a freight forwarder and customs broker.

• Six- Make a free account as Amazon Seller and sign up for Amazon FBA and create the shipment in the Amazon Seller Central.

• Seven- Instruct your freight forwarder so they can deliver the item to the warehouses of Amazon FBA. and finally, start marketing your product.

Is FBA can make branding?

FBA is the full design of getting a customer but establishing a branding is not a thing here. Imagine you found T-shirts for adults at the meager price and you are reselling them amazon with double profit. People will come more and more to you through the Amazon site and get those nice quality t-shirts for a while.

Some other seller would find what you are doing later they started the same business but in slightly lower price. The problem is customer will found those sellers in amazon too and move forward there for getting some cheap deals on same type t-shirts. So, the business will go downward soon.

Now see the picture of OEM (original equipment manufacturer). In the average level, this means they provide white labeling where anyone can put their brand name on their produced items. You can sell these products to do a business aka brand. But still, there is a chance to occur the same thing again.

Establishing a brand you should develop other ideas other than Amazon FBA. Fiverr and 99design even start an outlet to show and sell your item along with the Amazon FBA.


Once you can do all these successfully, you can sit back and run the business by itself. The profit will send to your account time to time. It's better to start with few products like 100-300, so you can test the fill with fewer risks.

You need to market your product to boost up the selling because products don’t sell automatically. So now you know how to start Amazon FBA business. Many people are involved in this filed and making money from it. If you are interested, gather more data and information and proceed toward to this. Good Luck!

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