The eBay online sales platform is a good place for freelancers who want to enter the world of online stores. This marketplace allows the possibility of learning the basics of eCommerce before creating your own sales portal. Before start business on eBay, you must have to be an expert on Ebay market research and competitors analysis. Market research is an important first step in launching your eBay store.

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Unlike other popular e-commerce marketplaces, eBay offers a variety of ways to sell, from simple listings to virtual auctions, and gives you the option of allowing your potential buyers to choose to bid or buy now. This nuance makes eBay an exciting place to sell your goods.

To sell on this platform you must first register an account. To do this, the self-employed person must provide their bank account information or a valid credit or debit card.

Also, you must indicate how you want to pay seller fees and commissions and select the payment methods.

Buyers often have questions before, during, and after the transaction. To formulate them, click on the Ask link in the article announcement. As a seller, it is important to respond quickly and in detail. This keeps buyers' interest, saves time, and has a better chance of receiving positive feedback when the transaction is complete.

FAQs can be created using auto-generated responses from the listing, responses that you specify the seller personally, or generic responses on eBay policies. There is also the option to allow buyers to contact the freelancer directly until the moment the ad ends.

It is advisable to look for information on the starting price, the ad format, and the category. Also, it is interesting to compare the articles with those of the rest of the sellers to know what the best sale price is.
According to eBay, "buyers feel more secure when bidding or making a purchase if they know the shipping costs in advance." Therefore, it is necessary to pack, weigh, and measure the dimensions of the item to calculate the shipping costs.

You can choose between different types of ads depending on the category of the article and the publication form. The freelancer can choose between creating an advertisement with an auction or fixed-price format. "The options to improve the presentation of the ads, such as highlights, font and photo enhancements, make your article stand out from the rest," they point out from the platform.

Once the ad is published, you can check how the auction process is going. Also, this marketplace allows you to set communication preferences to inform eBay of how and when to receive notifications and notifications.

On the other hand, it allows you to set seller preferences for hosting photos, receiving payments, or shipping. There is also the possibility of establishing communication preferences between users to inform buyers about how they can contact the seller.

“If you carry out these last steps properly, you will also benefit in the long run as a seller, and you will receive positive feedback from buyers,” explains eBay.

First, you have to communicate with the buyer. When the buyer makes the payment, the seller will receive an email notification.

Second, before sending the item to the buyer, first make sure you have received the payment: "do not send the item until you receive the payment. It is time to check that the electronic payment or by credit card has been accepted and credited to the bank account before sending the item.

Third, ship the item to the buyer. The item must reach the consumer in good condition, since, after this last step, it will score the purchase process and allow the self-employed person to be considered a better or worse seller within the community. If the seller gets good marks, he will have a better chance of selling a large number of products.

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