Research has clearly shown that simply being obese is a highway to many heart related diseases! The chances of diabetes are also greatly increased when you are overweight. This should be reason enough for you to start losing weight. However, overweight people may not be able to perform the same exercises as a healthy weight person when they are first starting to lose weight. This is because their heavy weight may cause stress to their knees and various other joints or bones. You should therefore not engage in exercises which will over-stress your knees especially.

Moving on, the most effective way to get yourself started on a regular exercise regime is to form a group with family, friends or even neighbors! This group will consist of members who have the same goal; and that is to lose weight. As you become obligated to keep to your promise to meet up to exercise with other people, you will feel more compelled to get out and exercise, changing to a more active lifestyle.

After you have formed a group of people to workout together with, you may want to engage in exercises which do not cause too much stress to your knees. Swimming and body weight circuit exercises are among the best exercises to start with as they are kind on your knees but are also effective in increasing your metabolism rate and burning more fats. Swimming is a really fantastic physical activity as it will also tone up the muscle groups all around your entire body! Another great fat loss exercise you should work yourself up to will be interval cardiovascular exercise. It requires you to jog or swim leisurely for approximately sixty seconds, and then sprinting or swimming as quickly as possible for thirty seconds.

If you do not like all of these exercises, you can also pick up a sport with your other friends in the exercise group. Sports like tennis and badminton are awesome physical activities which will make your heart rate high, resulting in a higher metabolism rate and thus burn more fats. These sports will also build up your lean muscle mass due to the muscle groups which will be activated all over your body. The more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your rate of metabolism, and therefore burn more fats passively! Also, these are great and fun sports you can play with your exercise group.

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