How to start pole dancing; No other form of exercise speaks to a woman's originality, self expression and sensuality like pole dancing. It is liberating, self empowering and addictive to say the least. It gives women a special feeling of confidence, happiness and excitement through intense release of endorphins.

I want to learn how to pole dance; Easy pole dancing tricks step by step to advanced; A complete guide to learn everything about Pole Dancing is provided at the end of this write-up (Author's Bio), meanwhile let's build the foundation.

This athletic sport provides a great cardio and strength work out for women of all fitness levels. People can tone the whole body and increase core strength, flexibility and endurance, whilst using their own body as opposition training. To be more correct, pole dancing works on lower and upper abs, oblique and thighs as well as triceps, biceps and deltoids. Those who have joined pole classes claim that they have noticed the physical changes in their bodies within 3 weeks! Pole dancing lessons are generally the most fun exercise they've done for a long time - far better than spending hours slaving away in the gym. One good class burns about 250 calories on average, of course depending on individual weight and metabolism of participants. The bottom line is, this intense exercise offers the same (if not, better) end result compared to gym fitness such as toned arms, inner thigh, legs and tummy, leading to a stable and strong inner core.

There is no level of dance skill that is a pre-requisite for joining a class. Anyone can join! Pole students are adults of all ages and ability levels from 18-80!

Usually all levels, from the absolute beginner through to advanced progress through carefully designed courses, and learn a selection of moves and combinations. The classes are all about getting fit in a fun and welcoming environment and feeling good about yourself.

Pole dancing lessons can be one of the most fantastic gifts you give to a girlfriend, wife or partner or even yourself.

Manly Dance's purpose is to improve the health, fitness and mindset of the community and motivate, inspire, educate and empower everyone from young children to grandparents to be the best they can be through dance.

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