The job of a virtual assistant is quickly becoming a dream for many.
It's not that difficult to understand the fascination with that career choice:
The hours are flexible, and the job doesn't require leaving your house.
Most importantly, it pays more than well.
A professional virtual assistant can make up to $100 per hour.
Yes, the numbers are real:
Where there is plenty of demand for your skills, you can ask for an envious paycheck.
But how a person with no previous experience can become a well-paid virtual assistant?
Actually, the process of making virtual assistance your new lucrative career is not that complicated.
Let's clear a few things first:
What Does A VA Do For A Living?
A VA can complete a variety of different tasks.
For example, some of these tasks are:
doing admin work
answering emails
increasing brand awareness
increasing followers on Social Media
engaging with the audience
handling a Pinterest business account
Depending on who you'll work for, your daily activities may vary.
In Which Industries You Can Work As A Virtual Assistant?
You can offer VA services in almost any industry you can think of.
The most popular niches that are more than profitable for VAs are:
Social Media
Business and finance
Of course, there are other fields where you can find employment as a VA.
How Do You Start Working As A Virtual Assistant?
Work On Your Offer - do the research, choose a niche, and decide what your main offer is going to be. Meaning, what main service do you want to get paid for? While you can offer as many services as you wish, it's always better if you advertise at least one main skill to your future employers.
Create A Virtual Assistance Business - you must decide whether your business will be a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company.
Launch A Website - having your own site is necessary if you want to find success as a virtual assistant. Think of it as your office - the place where you'll meet with your future clients.
Work On Your Social Media Skills - most VAs offer services that are mainly about Social Media. You need to have a profound knowledge of how Social Media works and how to handle its different channels.
Find Virtual Assistants Jobs - at some point, you need to stop the business preparation and start looking for paying gigs. Platforms like Freelancer and Fiverr are popular places to secure a virtual assistant job.
While you might not book a job on your first day of trying, don't let that disappoint you.
Sometimes, it takes a period of time until the right people become aware of your services.
Also, you'll have to try harder than the people who have already made a name for themselves as VAs.
That goes without saying.
Becoming an expert in the virtual assistance world is not going to happen in a day or two.
But if you're willing to sell yourself as a professional VA every company will be lucky to hire, you'll succeed at your goal.
If you feel like you need help becoming a VA, don't hesitate to find a mentor.
There are a couple of highly valuable courses that will transform you into an expert in your field in less than a month.
Sometimes you have to invest in yourself before others are willing to do too!
Learn all about starting a career as a VA below:
How to start working as a virtual assistant

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