You have a home exercise bike and you're looking for exercises to do with? Check out our suggestions. Here recommend you to start with few obvious exercises: Train yourself by sitting on your bike and start saddling your cycle. Depending on the type of exercise bike, you can add variation to your hand positions. Of course you can also add variation to the speed and resistance. So you can do a sprint or acceleration or uphill climb.
To train hard, you can bring your buttocks 1 cm above the saddle (keep your buttocks as much as possible behind the saddle, and do not bring your buttocks forward).
A spirited exercise is something useful to accelerate and the resistance a bit up and a little bit so that you come out of the saddle. You maintain this acceleration for 15 seconds long (watch your heart: that goes up considerably and therefore this training is not good to lose weight but very good to get stronger and build up condition).

More Exercises with your Stationary Bike

There are different types of ?Indoor bikes for home but the question is how start with them? For the first time, one hour will boring. Therefore, try to go with a good variety to keep you stimulated for workouts. Watching TV or listening music is also good for much needed variation. Every month you can create a playlist with good music where you can train with all focused.

Your exercise bike can do any exercise that they also teach at a gym in a spinning class. Jumps, running, climbing sitting, standing climb all could be easily performed on your stationary bike.

These are the five Energy Zones:

a. Interval
The most popular Energy Zone is the interval. Here this emphasis on speed and variety only. The goal is to recover quickly after an exercise. The heart rate varies from 65% to 92%. A typische interval training has much shorter number and can be discussed on all techniques (warm-up after first course).

Be aware that you train for yourself! You know your training goal (fitness, weight, etc.) and that determines how you get started. Your weight, your heart rate and especially your enjoyment are the main points.

b. Power
Your heart rate here is between 75% and 85%. You train with heavy resistance to increase and improve the endurance of your power muscles. Climbing, sitting or standing are typical examples belonging to a strength workout. Because the heart rate may remain below 80%, so you can train well with aerobic to burn fat.

c. Condition
Here comes to your stamina. Your heart rate remains between 65% and 75%, so no outliers. A good workout burn fat efficiently. Here’s the trick and technique to find a heart rate that you can sustain it, as it were hours long. You remain the most time in the saddle. The difficulty is to keep constant heartbeat. Such a lesson seems boring and perhaps but the result is superb; just try so.

d. Race
Your heart rate is 80% to 92%. You train only anaerobic! So you must be very experienced. You deliver consistent top performance, as in a time trial. Your heartbeat is as constant as possible. Here you get yourself to and that is the indication how far you are to improve yourself. The next day is a day of rest or recovery training.

e. Recovery
This is not cooling down, but full lesson to relax and replenish energy. Your heart rate ranges from 50% to 65%. This is the hardest workout and therefore recommended to go for the least (perhaps never). It's also a best part of your training, for example, close your eyes and to imagine a beautiful route. Time flies, and your recovery goes as it were automatically. The training is very clever after a spirited race or strength training.

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Misty Jhones