With the current economic recession, everyone is looking for something that can bring them additional income. One way of doing this is by getting involved in the catering business. Also, if you intend to be successful in it, you can have it turned into a fully fledged catering service which can give you income more than what your regular job can offer. One great advantage of engaging in this kind of business is the fact that there are numerous innovative ways of doing it. If you have stellar cooking skills as well as a flair for presentation, you can surely hit it big.

One innovation that is considered the hottest trend in the catering business for this year is the cocktail wedding. Hors d’oeuvres can be offered with a tasting menu along with several dishes on mini servings and some butler passed items. You can have stations with made to order stir fry fajitas or sushi, or some mashed potato bars. You may also encourage the clients to incorporate some ethnic flair to the affair. Adding some Asian dim sum or Russian caviar blinis are also innovative ideas.

If you are into pastry, you can also be creative in a dessert catering business. You can begin offering several choices of buffet consisting of decadent desserts. You can prepare dessert shooters which can include shot glasses of trifles or mousse. Some would prefer to order crowd pleasers such as truffles, cheese cake and cupcakes. You should also make sure that your bags and boxes are attractive so that the sweets can be carried home.

If you can be innovative with comfort foods, you can surely be successful in this kind of business. You can make macaroni ramekins in truffle oil and cheese, gourmet burgers, sandwiches with grilled cheese. Among the most popular menu for this kind of catering service includes wild mushroom risotto, lobster pies, pizza with smoked salmon, Kobe lobster etc.

If you are member of go green movement, you could begin your eco-friendly catering business. Those clients that are environmentally aware will surely appreciate those caterers that offer organic foods in their menu options. Since organic food items cost more, you can be innovative to lower the cost by picking those foods that are in season. You may also utilize the local market of organic farmers or you can grow your own garnishes and organic herbs. If a client is concerned about cost, you can steer them to go with vegetarian entrees rather than organic seafood or meat.

In this kind of business, you can be innovative not only on the food to be served but also on the equipment to be used in order to lessen the cost. One way of doing this is by purchasing your equipment online where you can get great discounts on the leading brands. Many online shops have direct link to manufacturers, so you are also assured of their quality. You can also get great items on clearance sales of catering equipment items.

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