How To Stay Erect And Last Longer In Bed: How To Stay Erect Longer Naturally - How To Stay Erect For Hours

Men who know how to stay erect longer have a far greater chance of lasting long in bed and pleasuring their partner sexually. If you can stay erect longer with a hard penis, you'll multiply the chances of satisfying a woman and helping her on the way to an orgasm.

There is a lot of fuss among men about ejaculation control and lasting longer, but let's remember that staying hard is just as important. If you lose your erection after 5 or 10 minutes, you could be on the slippery path to impotence.

Obviously, you want to stop the disturbing issue of weak erections dead in its tracks before you become unable to achieve an erection at all. The following 5 tips help you to stay hard for longer and are all natural.

1. Boosting Testosterone

Often (but not always) low testosterone levels are the cause of erection problems. Impotence, soft erections and losing your hardness can sometimes be traced to low testosterone levels in men. Taking supplements is a great way of boosting testosterone naturally as is exercise and optimal nutrition habits.

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2. Boost Circulation

As we age, our choice of nutrition can negatively impact blood circulation. Hard erections and being able to stay erect longer depend on your blood circulation being optimal. When plaques begin to form in blood vessels, they tend to restrict blood flow. Smoking also causes poor blood flow in the penile area.

Losing weight, eliminating sugar, reducing carbs and regular intense exercise helps you to improve your circulation naturally. Certain herbs such as L-Arginine, Ginseng, Pomegranate and Ginkgo are fantastic natural circulation boosters. Some refer to these herbs as nature's erection pills.

3. Penile Massage

You can give your penis help by massaging the penile area and testicles regularly. This is an excellent way to improve your sexual health. Massaging this area is a great natural boost to your erections and helps blood vessels to dilate, allowing blood to stay longer in your penis for better, longer-lasting erections.

4. Eat The Right Foods

Eating the best foods is about avoiding junk food, reducing carbs, avoiding white flour foods and avoiding sugar. If you can give up soda drinks and junk food, it's already a good start.

Eat more cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts. This will help to keep your estrogen levels low and testosterone levels high. Eating more organic foods and drinking filtered water is great for boosting libido naturally, or for avoiding erectile dysfunction problems.

5. Avoid Alcohol & Meds

Alcohol puts a strain on the liver when consumed too regularly. The liver removes toxins and estrogen excesses from the blood. When the liver struggles to do its job, the body suffers, including erections.

Drink less alcohol for optimal liver performance, and consider taking milk thistle extract supplements to detox your liver now and again.

Taking medication too regularly can also weigh heavily on your liver and disrupt hormonal activity. Be wary of blood pressure meds, hair loss treatments, cholesterol meds and antidepressants.


An increasingly common problem in today's world is erectile dysfunction. Having erection problems means that you may lose your erection, be capable of achieving soft erections only, or that you may even be completely impotent and unable to perform.

While it is true that resolving erection issues using medication is possible, it makes sense to search for all natural solutions before considering what may turn out to be costly medication with negative side effects.

Natural solutions can help you to understand the causes of impotence and consequently, you may be able to solve your erection problems without taking medication and remain healthy and balanced.

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Relationship between a man and women can survive on some factors of which physical relationship -Sex is the most important. Sex plays a crucial role because if the physical need is not quenched then nothing else may seem to be in place.

There are ways by which you can satisfy women in bed...

Ignite the right mood-

It is common to see that for a women sex is always in the mind more than being just physical. You job is to build and create the right ambience to make your partner ready for sex. It is very important for the man to understand this and not straight away perform the act. Involve in a lot of foreplay like Hugging, kissing and complimenting her.

Be sensitive-

Women in general are sensitive creature and are to be treated in a very soft way when they are on bed. Make sure she is comfortable and prepared emotionally for the act. Keep touching and kissing her. Actions are far better than words and this is true in this case

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Show your expressions of love-

Display that you love her and say some sweet erotic words that can ignite the passion in her for you. Foreplay forms a major role in arousing her interest towards the act. She will remember all these acts more than the actual act of sex.

Spend more time on Foreplay-

Foreplay is the thing, the real physical touch that will take her to the final act of sex.You need to give importance to each part of her body with gentle touch and compliments.. This will for sure set the stage for the final act.

End of the act-

You cannot abruptly end the act of sex. Once the act is over, you can just lie besides her and tell her how you enjoyed with her and how great she was during the act.

These 5 things can things if taken care of will definitely satisfy her in the bed and she will yours forever.

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As men, there are lots of different sex techniques we can use to SEXUALLY SATISFY our women.

However, the truth is that not all sexual techniques are as good as each other... Some are great, some are okay and some totally suck.

The good news for you is that in this article you will discover an incredibly powerful sexual technique that you can use to give your woman VAGINAL ORGASMS and totally blow her mind.

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The question you probably have on your mind right now is:

"Why should I be so bothered about vaginal orgasms?"

The answer is to do with the fact that the majority of women have only ever had a clitoral orgasms.

And here's the thing about the clitoris -- after a woman has climaxed it can become too sensitive or even painful to touch.

Can you see where this is going?

Here's the deal...

If you only ever give your woman clitoral orgasms -- you'll never give her multiple orgasms.

However, the vagina does not become too sensitive to touch after a woman has had a vaginal orgasm. So using the technique I'm about to share with you -- you'll be able to make your woman come over and over again each and everytime you have sex with her.

In fact, you'll make multiple, vaginal orgasms a reality for her and she'll love you for it.

But the benefits associated with this technique don't stop there.

The women who have had vaginal orgasms say that they are better than clitoral orgasms because they are more intense and rewarding. Simply put, they give women more SEXUAL SATISFACTION.

Another interesting thing is that most women can get themselves off by rubbing their clitoris but they can not give themselves vaginal orgasms.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Can you see how AMAZING this type of orgasm can be?

The fact of the matter is that if you start giving your woman vaginal orgasms you will UNLEASH her WILDLY SEXUAL side and you'll notice these benefits:

- She'll want to have more sex with you (a lot more sex)

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- She'll never cheat on you because you are giving her everything she wants in the bedroom

Now let's discuss the SEX TECHNIQUE...

The Deep Spot Method - An incredibly powerful way to give your woman mind-blowing vaginal orgasms and awesome sex.

You can use The Deep Spot Method with your woman flat on her back or with her on all fours.

Either position works well.

The Deep Spot Method involves stimulating your woman's DEEP SPOT with your middle finger. Her deep spot is located as far into her vagina as you can get your middle finger, along the front wall.

When you have your finger in her vagina as described, use a 'come hither' motion to stimulate the deep spot.

Carry on doing this until you reach a point where she is really enjoying it (you'll need to use quite a lot of pressure to get her there).

Next, watch as something beautiful happens... she'll have a powerful vaginal orgasm and probably scream your name and dig her finger nails into your back in the process.

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Men of both young and old try very hard to make women reach climax during sex, but this isn't always easy. In fact, some men have even ended up in broken relationships because they weren't able to satisfy their girlfriends with their sexual performance.

Most of the time, there is no problem with the effort that such men put into it; it merely lies in a lack of knowledge on what they are supposed to do. Several tricks, however, do exist that you can follow in order to make your woman reach climax during sex every single time and you could even make her reach multiple orgasms, if you want.

In the world of sex, women long to have nice experiences and naturally also great orgasms. Ensuring that there is nothing for your girlfriend to complain about in that department would be one way to ensure that she stays in a relationship with you. First and foremost, however, you need to know what the main problem is and why you cannot seem to make her reach climax during sex. Keep reading to find out the reasons behind this phenomenon...

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3 Reasons Why Your Woman Cannot Climax During Sex and What to Do About It

Reason Number One: You do not last long. In a nutshell, you have to last for a minimum of 15 minutes during sex since this happens to be the time span that most women need before reaching an orgasm. In order to make your own orgasm last longer, you would have to change the type of fraction your penis feels, so that other parts of it get stimulated instead. This will help you last longer.

Reason Number Two: You skimp on foreplay. Foreplay happens to play a vital role when it comes to the female orgasm. Women need to get turned on through foreplay since this tends to be far more effective to women compared to actual sexual penetration - in a lot of cases anyway. After you get a woman so far into it that she starts begging for you to have sex, you are sure to get her to reach an orgasm in record time.

Reason Number Three: Your penis is too small. Sadly, some men are simply endowed with small penises. A penis that is large and thick happens to have the power to cause more female stimulation and thus satisfy a woman more.

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