I get questions from Moms almost every day about how to stay focused and on the right path toward their Ultimate Weight Loss Goals.

So, I decided to put together some of my best tips that I personally use and that have worked wonders for my clients. Now, on their own, these tips aren’t as powerful as they are when you combine them.

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!

1. Weigh yourself every morning. The scale holds you accountable. Women who weigh themselves daily lose more weight and maintain lost weight better than women who weigh only occasionally. Don’t be afraid of your scale!

2. Make a public announcement about your weight-loss plans. Tell people that you are on a diet and exercise program. This will create peer pressure and expectations that will motivate you to stay on your program. It just may inspire those around you to join you on your journey!

3. Read inspirational stories about women who have successfully lost weight. This is my favorite thing to do when I’m having any sort of craving. It works! Try bodybuilding.com and look at the “Transformation of the Week”.

4. Set realistic goals. Losing 20, 50 or 100 pounds is overwhelming. Start off small. Instead of trying to lose all that weight quickly, begin by losing 5 pounds. Small weight losses help your metabolism adjust gradually. Remember, yard-by-yard is hard; inch-by-inch is a cinch.

5. Follow a program. Weight-loss is complicated and you need the right information. Trying to “wing it” will only lead to frustration and failure. Refer back to your Bikini Mom Fitness & Nutrition Guide and follow the meal plans and workouts as closely as you can. Having a program takes all of the guesswork out and really helps you to stay on track.

6. Keep a weight-loss diary. Write down your daily weight, diet, exercise and energy level. The diary helps keep you on track. Free online diet and exercise logs are available all over the internet. I like MyFitnessPal on my phone. This step really holds you accountable for your food and seeing everything you’ve eaten in a day will discourage you from over indulging.

7. Look in the mirror nude every day. Yes, I’m serious. Clothes can cover muffin tops and cellulite, but looking in the mirror sans clothes is the ultimate test.

8. Take pictures. Take a nude or bikini photo with a digital camera. You can rationalize about your weight in your mind, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I do this every week to check my progress. Then, I know if I need to increase my intensity at the gym.

9. Hang out with thinner people. A Harvard University study found that overweight people tend to have overweight friends— the fat lifestyle is contagious. Try to associate with people who exercise and follow healthy diets by joining a dance class, or look for a meetup group in your area that does something active.

10. Give your “fat clothes” to charity. You will lose weight and won’t fail, so there is no use holding on to clothes you won’t wear again. Once you throw away those clothes, it will cost too much money to gain weight. Ah-Ha!

11. Lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. The body regulates fat storage in the brain with feedback from fat cells, the liver, blood chemicals and muscles. Rapid weight loss triggers fat controllers to slow metabolism and increase appetite. Lose weight gradually and give your body a chance to adapt to a lower weight.

12. Read food labels. Many foods are surprisingly high in calories, saturated and trans fats, and simple sugars. Food labels help you make healthy choices. Become aware of ingredients in your food. You really ARE what you eat!

13. Train with weights. You look best in a bikini when you’re toned and lean. Weight training burns almost the same number of calories as aerobics, and it also builds muscle so you look fit and healthy. Muscles also increase your metabolism, burning fat while you sleep.

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