Busy Bee! Is what matters getting run over by other stuff? On the run. So many choices! Can you even tell anymore what’s more important? Even when you’ve got time, you’ve got demands on that time, right?

What can you do to make today a bit easier?


That’s right. Simply simplify. Simplify because life gets complicated.

Let’s look at how to simplify.

What do you care about? Is that included somewhere in all that you’re doing?

The importance of having steps planned can be seen most clearly when what matters to you is getting run over by other stuff.

If you were put on trial for doing what matters to you, is there enough evidence to convict you of caring about that? I mean, can you even tell what matters most to you by looking at your life? Or has the busyness of your life and the urgent demands of all of life begun to take a toll?

It’s easy for things to creep into your life in ways that crowd out what matters to you. Even to the point that there’s little time for what you see as your purpose in life.

It’s not your fault. Because when you get busy, it’s easy to become distracted from what you care about most.

It’s not your fault for getting off track for the long term. But it is your responsibility to get back on track.

You can learn how to stay focused on the long term by steps you can do right now. Steps to look at what matters. Steps to see where what matters might fit in your life. Steps to simplify!

When you’re ready to simplify, that’s when the importance of having steps planned comes in as a way of keeping you on track.

What can you do to make today a bit easier? You can plan to make more space in your life for what’s important to you. Including time to breathe! Time for breaks.

You can choose what steps to put in place to improve your life. You can choose to let go of activities that matter a little bit less to you. Temporarily! While you get things simpler. So that you’ve got more room for what matters more to you.

For example, today you can choose one important thing to accomplish over the course of the next year you could achieve a goal that matters to you. Something where putting a little bit of you into that direction daily could get you doing what matters at least a little bit each day.

You might choose to make room for this one important thing by taking less time to accomplish other things — simply allowing less time! — or by removing time consuming activities that you feel don’t make a difference in your life.

I’ve discovered that doing an important thing first helps me in this. Then, I can do a that-day less important thing in a smaller chunk of time. Okay, maybe not doing it quite as thoroughly! Yet allowing that to be good enough given that it is a bit less important!

For example, one of your goals might be to grow in your career or business. You might pick one task that, if done first and best, consistently for a year, might make a difference.

For example, a goal in a second area might be to improve your relationships with people you care about. You might choose to connect first thing in your day in a way that works to draw you closer. Or you might touch base gently to set up a time to connect for something that’s special and different from your routine.

Your steps to achieve your goal are more likely to happen if you choose one thing that you can do to move closer to one goal in one area, and one goal in a second area. And then open your awareness of how you live your life so that you make the time to really work toward making that happen!

The importance of having steps planned is that you’ve got specific actions you can take that move you from where you are to where you want to be.

It doesn’t need to be about squeezing more into your day.

Indeed, you’re likely to push a bit of the fluff into a more compact time zone and still get a version of it done.

Give yourself the gift of focusing on the long term for one or two areas. Intensifying! Clarifying! Showing caring consistently by building a habit of allowing there to be something that matters to you enough to act on that area daily.

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